Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Looks Amazing in HD

You may have played Skyward Sword before, but you’ve never played it like this. Using the Dolphin emulator, Skyward Sword can run at 1080p with additional anti-aliasing and anisotropic texture filtering, giving the game a breathtaking new look. We’ve suggested in the past that Zelda Wii U would look fantastic if it used an updated, HD version of Skyward Sword’s graphics, and this video will give you a pretty good idea of the potential. Hit the jump to see Skyward Sword like you’ve never seen it before!

Source: The Pixel Press

  • Robert

    That was just mind-boggling. I just watched a few of those DOLPHIN videos. I think I speak for everyone when I say that Nintendo should release a “The Legend of Zelda: Collector’s Edition 2″ for Wii U.

  • Erimgard

    Absolutely stunning. Reinforces my opinion that Skyward Sword’s visuals re-worked on the Wii U could be an amazing direction for the series. Building it specifically for the Wii U, as opposed to upgrading the Wii visuals, would look even better than this.

  • zdog

    When I played Skyward Sword for the first time I was blown away at what a fresh gaming experience it was. I knew I would like it, but it surprised me with just how much I liked it. Watching it in HD just makes it all the sweeter.

  • Jay

    It looks like the UI graphics at least were created for 1080p to begin with. Makes me wonder if a HD remake was in the works all along.

    • Erimgard

      If so, Nintendo’s sure been quiet about it.

  • LionHeart717

    Dolphin is actually capable of more than 1080p. I played through Skyward Sword at Native 1440p, and it was absolutely stunning. With Dolphin, the Wii games are not just upscaled, they are actually rendered natively at different resolutions, leading to much crisper graphics.

  • Thezeldaman

    Zelda Collection WiiU HD:
    Twilight Princess
    Wind Waker
    Skyward Sword
    A Link to the Past

  • K2L

    I thought the universal fan consensus was that SS looked like a rotten tumor. Articles like these seem to indicate that not everybody thinks that way, though.

    • K2L

      Why the downvote, fanboys? I didn’t criticize the game or anything?

      • Erimgard

        Well, the phrase “rotten tumor” tends to make people upset, I guess haha xD
        I think people mostly just disliked the way it looked on the Wii. Remove the jagged edges, and it’s beautiful. This video proves that.

  • Mindblown

    HD, Mind = Blown

  • Zeitgeist

    You know, if Nintendo released each of their Zelda games in HD… Id scream for a collectors edition and pay ridiculous amounts of money… No joke.. Id sell my car, and give my first born.. for 5 minutes of gameplay..

  • SunnySkyNL

    I never had a chance to play Twilight Princess and never played Skywards Sword because I hated the controls for the Wii so much that I sold my Wii. I’m sure that I’m missing out big time and I if they would make those games for the Wii U in HD like they did with the Windwaker (that I also did not play before until I got my Wii U) I would buy them the first day they would come out! I love Zelda, always saw my younger brother and my father play those games but always thought that I would not be good enough with the boss fight so I never tried, now I’m catching up and playing a lot of Zelda games I have never played before and I’m in love with the games!