New Android-Based Console “GameStick” Surfaces, Similar to OUYA

With OUYA gaining a lot of steam in its quest to launch a cheap, developer-friendly console that carves out its own market rather than competing with the big dogs it’s no surprise to see others catching on to the idea. Recently surfacing on Kickstarter, just like the OUYA, PlayJam’s GameStick promises to be “the most portable TV console ever created” that will put “big screen gaming in your pocket.” GameStick’s Kickstarter page hasn’t even been up for a full two days yet, and as of the time of this article’s writing, they are less than $4,000 short of their goal of $100,000. So is GameStick worth your interest? Hit the jump for the details.

So what exactly is the GameStick?

12 months ago, we set out to challenge that by making the most affordable, open and portable TV games console ever created. At $79 GameStick offers the most affordable route to playing games on your TV.

The mobile games market thrives on the use of open platforms and we wanted to bring the same ethos to TV. Open, so that more developers can innovate and develop quickly. Open, so that players can access more great games and get better pricing. Open because it’s about time that the walls keeping independent developers out are smashed down. And so, harnessing the Android ecosystem, GameStick is a completely open platform. If you love creating or playing games, you will love GameStick.

People are always on the go. Traditional consoles are big. We set out to create a big screen games console that was so small you could pop it in your pocket. It’s tiny! So small in fact that GameStick fits inside it’s own controller so you can take all your games with you to any TV you like, anywhere. Simply plug it into the HDMI slot, grab the controller and play away.

Low price and easy accessibility are great, but it all comes down to the games. What does GameStick offer?

Using Android as the underlying operating system gives us access to all the innovation and content within the mobile, tablet and now PC world. At the last count, (we’re still counting), there were 700,000 Android games in the Android ecosystem. So far we have identified 200 titles that will be great to play on GameStick but we are working with our network of over 250 developers including great studios such as Madfinger, Hutch, Disney and others to bring you the best line-up. What’s really cool is that the average cost of a game on GameStick will be just a few dollars and many will be free to play.

It will definitely be interesting to see if GameStick can gather the same kind of support as the OUYA. Looks like 2013 is the year of the cheap Android consoles. If you’re looking for a cheap, simple, and fun way to play video games, you might want to keep your eye on this project going forward.

Source: Kickstarter via Destructoid