New Trailer, Gameplay Video, and Screenshots for Vita Exclusive Tearaway

Since its revelation at Gamescom 2012, things have been pretty quiet for Tearaway. Developed by Media Molecule, the fantastic team behind Little Big Planet, Tearaway is a Vita exclusive title that lets players utilize all of the system’s various functions as they explore a papercraft world.

Tearaway is arguably the most unique and interesting title known to be in development for the Vita, and Media Molecule is finally giving us a closer look at their new project with a new trailer, gameplay video, and batch of artwork and screenshots. Whether you’re a Vita owner patiently awaiting some new content or you’re not convinced the Vita has that “must-have” game that will make you buy the system, you’ll want to check this buffet of Tearaway goodness out!

Videos courtesy of: Polygon and Official PS Magazine via AllGamesBeta