Pokémon X & Y Aren’t On Wii U Because Game Freak Believes in the Social Power of Handhelds

A lot of people have noticed that Pokémon X & Y‘s 3D graphics don’t really show off the full potential of the Nintendo 3DS and have wondered why the game isn’t coming to Wii U as well (or even instead) to take advantage of its HD visual capabilities. Game Freak and The Pokémon Company are sticking to their traditional response: rather than using the full power of consoles, Pokémon is better suited to the opportunities for social interactions and portability offered by handheld platforms.

It’s this portable aspect, the companies say, that makes the trading, battling, and adventuring elements of the game so fun. Hop inside for the full quote.

Here’s the exchange between The Pokémon Company’s director of consumer marketing J.C. Smith and Game Informer:

GI: Pokémon X and Y looks like it could be a good fit for console as well. Why not make a Wii U version?

I can’t speak to the specifics, but traditionally Game Freak has always loved the game to be on a portable device because of the communication, trading, and the experience of taking this adventure with you. That’s why they’ve always prioritized a portable version of the game first. They’ve always liked what you can do in the real world with that.

GI: Why haven’t we seen a console Pokémon?

It comes down to what the creators want to do. Every time I’ve heard them talk about it, it’s been about the portable experience, taking the adventure with you, being able to share it with friends, communicate, trade, battle – really encouraging that interaction

I can understand the impetus behind the decision, to be sure, but doesn’t it make sense to offer alternative means of experiencing the world of Pokémon for those who might find more interest in playing from home or over the Internet? Still, they haven’t gone wrong yet – so I’m content to just sit back and let them do their thing.

Source: Game Informer