Report: Retro Studios Takes on Developers from Vigil Games, BioWare Austin, Junction Point

According to a NeoGAF user called Hero of Legend who did some snooping via LinkedIn, ex-employees from Austin-based companies such as Vigil Games, BioWare Austin, and Junction Point have joined the team at Retro Studios – all of them artists. And Retro is hiring once again! Looks like everyone else who was at Vigil in these last months will have a place to go if they don’t maintain their current jobs.

Read on for a breakdown of which positions came from which companies.

The source chose to leave the names of the people involved in the dark to protect their identities and prevent them from being flooded with questions about what they’re working on, since a number of known Retro employees have been obviously silenced for speaking out. As such, I’ll just be listing people’s previous and current positions.

BioWare Austin

  • Was Senior Animator for Star Wars: The Old Republic, now Level 3 Animator at Retro; hired 2012

Junction Point

  • Was Associate Environment Artist for Epic Mickey, now Environment Artist at Retro; hired October 2012

Vigil Games

  • Was Senior Character Artist for both Darksiders games, now Level 3 Character Artist at Retro; hired 2012
  • Was Concept Artist, now Contract Concept Artist at Retro; hired summer 2012
  • Was Associate Character Artist for Darksiders II and Warhammer 40K, now Contract Character Artist at Retro; hired summer 2012

Source: NeoGAF