RUMOR: Japanese Publication Says Monster Hunter 4 Coming to Vita

The Japanese release date for Monster Hunter 4, a 3DS exclusive, was recently pushed back from March 2013 to Summer 2013, in order for Capcom to make “further quality enhancements,” but recent rumors suggest that wasn’t the only reason for the delay. According to Operation Rainfall, Japanese magazine Game Lab claims that Monster Hunter 4 is coming to Vita, and the game is set to make a simultaneous release on Sony’s handheld and the 3DS. Hit the jump and join the speculation.

Operation Rainfall states that Japanese magazine Game Lab is reporting that the true reason for Monster Hunter 4’s delay is to release a Vita version of the game alongside the 3DS version in an effort to increase sales.

Whilst originally it was said that the delay of MH4 was due to wanting to make a better quality game and graphics, the real reason appears to be that it may be released on the PS Vita to increase sales.

If this is true, it’s quite an interesting development. Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate and Monster Hunter 4 were both announced as Nintendo exclusives, and it’s been well-noted that Sony was unhappy with that decision. Did Sony manage to convince Capcom to change their minds?

The 3DS version of Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate (also known as Monster Hunter 3G in Japan) has been selling exceptionally well, with nearly two million copies sold in Japan alone. Meanwhile, the Vita has not been selling as well as Sony hoped, meaning that there isn’t a very large install base for the potential release of Monster Hunter 4 on Vita. While previous Monster Hunter games were able to spark sales of the PSP, the situation is different this time around, as Monster Hunter 4 would not be a Sony exclusive. Japanese consumers aren’t especially likely to buy a Vita for a game that they can already get on the 3DS (which has a much larger install base in Japan than the Vita does) unless the Vita version was significantly superior.

We’ll keep an eye on this situation as it develops, but for now I’d take these rumors with a grain of salt. With the game’s release only a few months away, we should get a concrete answer from Capcom soon.

Source: Operation Rainfall