RUMOR: Monster Hunter a Nintendo Exclusive Until 2014

The Monster Hunter 4 rumors just won’t go away. Capcom Senior Vice President Christian Svensson essentially debunked the rumors that the reason for Monster Hunter 4‘s delay was to allow for a simultaneous release of the game on 3DS and Vita, but this latest rumor digs a little deeper.

According to the same source who first leaked the existence of Monster Hunter 3G (also known as Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate) and Dragon Quest VII for 3DS is now reporting that Nintendo and Capcom signed a three year exclusivity contract for the Monster Hunter franchise sometime in 2011.

If this rumors turns out to be true, that means that while Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate and Monster Hunter 4 are currently 3DS exclusive, Capcom could port them to other systems, such as the Vita, once the three year contract is up. Of course, just because they can bring the game to other platforms doesn’t necessarily mean they will.

Do you want to see Monster Hunter 4 on the Vita, or are you happy with the current 3DS exclusivity? If this contract does exist, would it be financially viable for Capcom to port the games after they’ve already been available as a 3DS exclusive for such an extended amount of time? Sound off in the comments.

Source: TGFC via NeoGAF

  • Primus

    Haha I knew something was up! In Japan, Monster Hunter is a system seller. And through this deal, Nintendo was able to shut down any momentum the vita had in the region.

    • Erimgard

      Pretty smart strategy on their part, if this is true.

  • tyler

    they should bring out a monster hunter on ps3 for europe, i have tri and its amazing but shuting down he servers in april people arnt are left in the dark, and the wii u is not really worth buying ive started the psp freedoms as my 1st monster hunter game i ever played was tri and the psp versions are just as good, come on capcom u brought us resi evils now bring us the monster hunter ps3 europe style. Tyler (bahamut slayer clan leader) (Tri)

  • Cazzar

    A smart move on Nintendo’s behalf. Without the fame and fans that Monster Hunter has influenced over the years the 3ds and the WiiU would just be another ‘alright’ console. By the time this 3 year contract new sets of consoles will be released making it another unfortunate wii story. Hopefully around this time Capcom would have smarten up and know that their fans are on the other side of the road waiting….