Skylanders has Generated Over $500 Million in the United States Alone

The addictive, collectible-friendly Skylanders series has quickly become one of the most popular franchises in all of gaming since it debuted in 2011. Skylanders has received the high praise of being compared to Pokémon for both its incredible sales numbers and its collectibles, but Skylanders offers players the added fun of being able to connect the two. The results have been staggering, as the franchise has already netted half a billion dollars in the United States alone. Hit the jump for more details on just how lucrative Skylanders has become.

Activision reports that Skylanders has passed the $500 million mark in America, which is quite impressive given that the series has only been around for less than a year and a half. Even more impressive is the fact that $195 million of that has been generated by the recently released Skylanders: Giants and its various associated products. That means nearly 40% of the total franchise profits in the United States have been generated in the past three months alone. Talk about a successful holiday season!

Skylanders: Giants checked in at number 8 for the top-selling games of December 2012. Combine those very solid sales numbers with an estimated $500 worth of new figures available for the game, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a big-money franchise.

Source: Joystiq