Sonic Team Planning a Livestream on “Sonic Day,” New Game Announcement is Likely

February 2 is well-known by Sonic fans as the day that Sega tends to make new announcements for the franchise, and this year looks like it’ll be no different. Sonic Team is planning to do a livestream of something during the Japanese online TV program Puyo-Puyo on Feb. 2 and Feb. 3, suggesting that history’s about to repeat itself.

Could the upcoming announcement have anything to do with the rumors of a new game from last week, or is that just an overzealous fan trying to pull people’s legs in advance of the traditional reveal date?

Source: Sonic-Scene via My Nintendo News

  • zdog

    Lets hope so, colors and generations were phenomenal. I love that the Sonic team silenced a decade’s worth of critics by turning out some genuinely good content.

  • Erimgard

    Hoping those rumors get confirmed. I loved Generations, and this sounds pretty similar.