Resident Evil Revelations

Three Big Reasons Resident Evil: Revelations Should Come to Wii U

Resident Evil: Revelations debuted on the Nintendo 3DS, giving that platform an exclusive, mature title. While Revelations was received with fairly positive reviews and respectable sales numbers, it has yet to eclipse one million in total sales, and Capcom is looking to port it to home consoles. We’ve heard rumors for some time now that the PS3 and Xbox 360 are getting HD ports of the game, and achievements have even surfaced for the game, but all has been silent on Nintendo’s front.

Is this title that was once a Nintendo exclusive skipping out on the Wii U? It would be a shame if Revelations didn’t come to the Wii U, as there are some significant advantages offered by Nintendo’s latest home console. Hit the jump to see why Revelations belongs on Wii U.

Raid Mode

Raid ModeRevelations packed a sizable Campaign Mode, but a big portion of the game is the Raid Mode. In Raid Mode, players could replay levels in a more fast-paced run and gun style, collecting experience points as they progressed and unlocked missions. Featuring all the locations from the Campaign Mode, a store for weapons and items, a level-up system, and a grade for each completed level, Raid Mode was a new spin on the game in a similar vein to the Mercenary Mode from other Resident Evil games. Single-player and co-op were both featured, as well as both local and online play.

If Revelations was brought to the Wii U, Raid Mode could utilize cross-compatibility between the two systems, much the same as Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate does. If you’re looking to get a good multiplayer aspect, launching on the Wii U means you already have an estimated install base of roughly 670,000 people who own the game on 3DS. Anybody with the 3DS version of the game would be able to sync up to a friend’s Wii U and join the raid.

With reports coming in that Nintendo is combining its handheld and console divisions, Revelations is the perfect title to build off of what Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate has done in bringing the two experiences together.

Motion Controls

Darkside ChroniclesLove them or hate them, motion controls definitely give you a different kind of shooting experience than a more typical controller. The Wii had a good number of motion-based shooters, including three different Resident Evil titles. There’s definitely a market for motion-based Resident Evil games, and on the Wii U, Revelations wouldn’t face the limitations that Wii games face.

As shooter games become more popular, they tend to go hand in hand with realistic graphics and a good online experience; the Wii offered neither of these, but the Wii U can. If there was a market for motion-based shooter games on the Wii, how much more could the succeed on the Wii U, which can actually offer a graphical and online experience on par with the PS3 and Xbox 360?

In fact, motion controls, and just having multiple control options in general, were a big part of Revelations on the 3DS. Revelations had a number of different control options, including standard, dual-analog via the Circle Pad Pro, and motion-based gyroscope controls. Motion controls aren’t for everyone, but it’s nice to know that the option would be there. The GamePad’s combination of standard controls and gyroscope capabilities would give the console version of Revelations the same wide range of control options, ensuring that everyone can play the game the way that they enjoy best.

Secondary Screen

countdown-to-wii-u-two-gamepadsOf course, a distinct advantage that any Wii U game has is the GamePad and its touch screen. Off-TV play is a great feature, especially in homes where the TV is shared, and Revelations should translate well into a handheld experience on the GamePad, because it was originally a handheld game in the first place.

Off-TV play isn’t the only benefit of having the GamePad touch screen, and Revelations on 3DS utilized a secondary touch screen, just as it would on the Wii U. Weapons, inventory, map, and menus are all easily handled by the touch screen, leaving the TV clutter-free, letting you get the most out of your Revelations HD experience.

Although Nintendo isn’t aiming to make 3D a major focus on home consoles, the Wii U is capable of outputting in 3D, both on the GamePad and the TV. Assassin’s Creed III made use of this, and Revelations could too. After all, the game was designed with 3D in mind, and playing it on the GamePad in 3D would be an easy transition from playing it on the 3DS.

Finally, there’s the issue of the Genesis scanning device. A key element of Revelations was scanning your environment for items and enemies. Using the 3DS gyroscope, players could look around through the screen of the 3DS and their character in the game would mimic that movement. The Genesis added a very Metroid Prime-esque element to the game, and the GamePad could perfectly mirror that function on the Wii U.


It’s great to see such an underrated game like Resident Evil: Revelations get some respect in the form of an HD console port. The game’s modest sales on the 3DS don’t quite do it justice, and hopefully it will receive new life on home consoles. Porting it to popular consoles like the PS3 and the Xbox 360 may be the “safe” bet, but Revelations on the Wii U has the potential to be the best possible version of the game.

Wii U to 3DS crossplay, the wide range of control options, and a secondary screen capable of off-TV play and stereoscopic 3D all give the Wii U distinct advantages over the other home consoles. Do the right thing Capcom.