Watch the January 23 Wii U Direct Presentation Right Here!

Today’s Nintendo Direct presentation is all about Wii U, so much so that Nintendo’s calling it the “Wii U Direct.” Satoru Iwata promises that it’ll be different than previous Nintendo Directs in that it’ll focus on new game announcements instead of updates related to previously-announced titles. We’re set to see the future of Wii U in today’s direct, so excitement is high.

Will Nintendo finally reveal the new Super Smash Bros.? What about new Mario, Zelda, Metroid, or Star Fox games? Could Nintendo be ready to reveal the long-talked-about Wii U Virtual Console? We’ll find out in just a few minutes – at 8am Central – and we’ve got the presentation ready to view after the break.

The live presentation is over, but you can watch the presentation in permanent form after the break.

  • HylianBadger25

    Here’s Hoping for some Zelda news! 3D Mario wouldn’t be bad either

  • Fraggle

    Will it be able to use TVii in Europe too ?

  • HylianBadger25

    YES!! More Zelda! While ‘Some Time’ likely means next year at a minimum for a new game, nonlinear dungeon play sounds amazing. And the Windwaker looks absolutely breathtaking. New Monolith Game looks just as impressive as Xenoblade too. It’s going to be a fun E3 this year!

  • zdog

    Holy cow, this is like a mini E3 in the middle of January! Taking photos of pikmin with camera?! I feel completely validated for wanting Pokemon Snap U!

  • BlackRaven6695

    Yoshi! Wind Waker! Monolith Soft game! Wonderful 101! Pikmin 3! Wii U VC! Where am I going to get the money to pay for all of these wonderful things?