Weekend Conclusion: Zelda Wii U’s Visuals Should Exceed All Expectations

This week’s “Weekend Wondering” community poll question – “Which Visual Style Would You Like for the Next 3D Zelda Game?” – brought a lot of opinions to light, but I think one thing we can agree on is that the next Zelda game needs to exceed everyone’s expectations from a visuals standpoint.

Whether that means advancing an existing visual style like Twilight Princess‘s more “realistic” take or Skyward Sword‘s more whimsical and fantastical painting-like style, or something entirely new, what’s really important is that the game is both beautiful and a fitting representation of the world of Hyrule.

The realm of possibilities is wide open. A fan-made trailer for a supposed Majora’s Mask HD remake surfaced during last year’s E3, and its highly-detailed take on the events that transpire following Link’s first steps into Termina had people practically wetting themselves. On the other hand, the way it gave life to its characters – even just the Happy Mask Salesman – was exciting and reminded us that Zelda really has a lot of advancement to make to become a truly stunning HD achievement.

And that’s just an HD take on old content, much like the Zelda HD Experience demo from 2011. Imagine the potential for new content to come alive.

There was a time when Zelda served as the visual benchmark for Nintendo’s home systems – but on Wii, Mario and Metroid took on that role. It’s time for Nintendo to place the series back in the spotlight – and while graphics aren’t the only answer, they definitely played a huge part in one of the franchise’s most defining moments: the excitement of Twilight Princess‘s initial reveal.

The initial step into HD will be a defining moment for Zelda. Will it rise up to challenge today’s graphical powerhouses? Or will the series fall flat with its intended audience? Whatever Nintendo does, it’s going to be critical that they manage to surpass everyone’s expectations and create something truly spectacular.

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