Weekend Response: Pokémon X and Y Seem Rushed, Need More Polish

This is a staff response piece to this week’s “Weekend Wondering” community poll question: “What do you think of the 3D Graphics in Pokémon X and Y” Feel free to share your own thoughts on the subject in the comments!

Pokémon has finally made the jump from the 2D realm of sprites to a fully 3D (in every sense of the word, given the stereoscopic functions of the 3DS) world. Is the dimensional upgrade the right move for the Pokémon franchise? That depends on if it’s done right. The change gives Pokémon the ability to do new things, but Game Freak has to make sure they don’t rush the sixth generation and release an underachieving game experience. Hit the jump to join the debate.

People have been anticipating a fully 3D Pokémon game for a long time. Sure, there’s been games like Colosseum for the GameCube, but that’s no substitute for a main series Pokémon game that really lets you explore the world. Now we’re finally getting exactly that on the 3DS, which is why it’s imperative that Game Freak give us the 3D Pokémon experience that we deserve.

Early screenshots and gameplay footage show potential, but the game’s graphical style clearly lacks polish. Many are comparing the visuals of the game to late-life DS titles like Spirit Tracks and Dragon Quest IX rather than 3DS titles. While the vast and open world of Pokémon makes it unrealistic to expect X and Y to have the stunning visuals of a game like Resident Evil: Revelations, a more fair comparison would be a game like Ocarina of Time 3D. At this point in time, Pokémon X and Y trail other comparable 3DS titles considerably when it comes to graphics.

It’s a bit of a lukewarm situation to hear the Pokémon Company’s director of consumer marketing say that the game is in an early stage of development. On one hand, there’s a good chance that the final graphics will be significantly improved from what we’ve seen so far. On the other hand, these games are supposed to receive a global release in just over nine months. The Pokémon team may be an experienced and efficient group, but that’s a lot of work to do in a short amount of time, especially when you consider all of the localization work that has to happen for a global release.

Pokémon X and Y have the potential to be the best and most immersive Pokémon adventures to date, but only if they’re done right. These games are going to be extremely important to Nintendo and the sales of the 3DS when the holiday season hits, so hopefully they are up to snuff by then. We should get a better view of how the games are developing, especially in terms of visuals, when E3 rolls around.

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  • http://twitter.com/ElementalShade Vampire Dragon

    how can you say its rushed if it hasnt even come out yet you moron?

    Tabloid false journalism

    • Erimgard

      Did you read the article or make a false assumption based on an interpretation of the title?

      • http://twitter.com/ElementalShade Vampire Dragon

        it doesnt seem rushed at all.

        • adarazz101

          Yes it does. It doesn’t matter anyway, X & Y will suck like every Pokémon game has.

          • Silent

            What an idiot assface. The trailer only shows initial footage. They are going to tweak the graphics in the next months.

          • Snivy747

            dude…do u seriously want to be known as a troll? i mean if u do then u must like looking like an disfigured annoying know-it-all in denial.

    • Joharis Yadiel Burgos-Cotto


    • Linkfan99


      • http://www.gengame.net/ Alex Plant

        I agree with basically all of this sentiment – except the part where you call the OP a moron.

        But yeah, once they show off the game, it’s already soon enough to say whether the game appears to be rushed. A lot changed between reveal and launch for Skyward Sword, but the ugly trees were still pretty much ugly when it was released.

        • Linkfan99

          I’m sorry, but he called someone (ben)? a moron. I was simply reusing his choice of words.

  • Joharis Yadiel Burgos-Cotto

    I agree that it seems rushed bu it also looks pretty good so far

    • Gaseous Snake

      don’t forget there is still ten months to polish it

  • JeredenDonnar

    Graphics reminded me of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. I cringe, cry and wonder why Game Freak decided to let Pokemon die.

    • bubu

      It’s not because you don’t like it the game will die. You’re not the only consumer of pokemon products you know? It annoys me when people think every pokemon lovers are exactly like them… A lot of different people like pokemon, and it’s silly to think pokemon will die now. Wait until the game comes out, wait until you hear about how people like the game. And after we can state with more certainty whether the series has much chances to survive or not

  • http://www.facebook.com/Kyrunox Aaron Laye

    Looks pretty nice to me. Well, at least the battles do. I like the cartoony touch from the consistent outlines.

  • Zack Patterson

    The game is still in very early development hence the October release date.

    Expect a LOT of change from the trailer to release.

    • Primus

      We can expect change, but that doesn’t mean we can assume good change. The truth is, we can’t really be certain about improved graphics until Gamefreak releases a trailer of the improved game many months from now.

  • shooshon

    > Pokemon X and Y rushed

    > Mass Effect 3 not


  • Twister27

    My issues with the game are mostly with the series’s stagnancy. My feelings about Pokémon can be compared to my feelings about series like Call of Duty. The games are fun, but I don’t understand why people continue to buy pretty much the same game every time a “new” one is released.