Why I Hate The PlayStation 3

This is part 1 of a 4 part series on my personal grips on console games

I recently had a great time playing LittleBigPlanet 2 with some good friends two days following Christmas. Since I’m not necessarily the biggest Sony gamer I usually pick up games released for the Xbox 360 relegating the PlayStation 3 to Blu-ray playback duties. It’s a fine system–powerful, loaded with features, and, tons of great exclusives–but there is one aspect of the system that literally gives me nightmares. I bumped into my worst nightmare as a gamer, and this is probably the biggest reason why I cannot stand the PlayStation 3.

My friend’s house doesn’t have slow Internet by any stretch of the imagination (in fact, it’s that nifty Verizon FiOS) and whenever we’re downloading anything else it’s fine, but when it comes to downloading patches for games, it’s like pulling teeth. I opened the drawer where Brad keeps his games, and plucked the colorful LittleBigPlanet 2 case. After recovering my PSN account, we fired up LBP2 and were met with a familiar black screen for a system update. Instinctively I mash through the update, and it commences downloading. What I wasn’t expecting was a 2 Gigabyte download spread across 10 separate patches.

“…but when it comes to downloading patches for games, it’s like pulling teeth.”

For anyone who knows how painfully slow Sony’s downloads are, you will probably empathize with me here. On a 50 Megabit connection this could be as fast as 20 minutes (we’re thinking realistically) but instead, we waited almost an hour and a half for patches to download and install. Mind you this is one title, and might be an odd case, but imagine you only have two hours to play a game–this means that 75% of your “play time” is sitting motionless at a reflection of yourself in the black screen on your television waiting for an excessively large patch to complete. Patch completed, we fired up LittleBigPlanet 2, and had a great time, but the experience waiting for the patch to download and install almost drove me to cancel the update and play something else.

My next gripe probably hurts original PlayStation 3 owners more than recent owners (or if you decided to upgrade your internal HDD with something significantly larger) is the forced install of data to play games. Although most are a measly 0.5 GB some titles require upwards of 4 GB, which is close to 22% of the PS3′s original HDD. The reason behind this is the BD-rom inside the PS3 is not fast enough to play the game without loading data from an additional source.

I’ll admit that this issue is extremely nit-picky and I have yet to fill my 120 GB HDD with game installs, but I can assure you that this issue has affected some people. I know that the rival Xbox 360 suffers the same issue (try playing Halo 4 multiplayer, playing Forza Motorsport 3, or playing Battlefield 3 with high-resolution textures and you’ll see what I mean), but the problem is still worth noting.


My final gripe with the PlayStation 3 is PSN. I applaud Sony for providing a free service, but the phrase “you get what you pay for” is appropriate in this scenario. Paying for PlayStation + provides users with free games, 4-person party chat, and, some exclusive deals in the PSN store and automatic updates. For those who call the PS3 their primary system, PS+ is a clear must-have service. The rest of PSN however feels like it never got enough attention, and games suffer because of it.

Thanks to the commenters for pointing out my mistake, I was thinking back to the time I was experimenting with the party chat that supports up to 6 gamers (4 with video) I have updated the section below to clarify the reasoning why cross-game chat is a beneficial feature to gamers, and how it enhances the gaming experience.

Nintendo has made a similar error in not providing a universal cross-game chat system on Wii U. I feel many gamers appreciate the ability to talk with their friends despite not playing the same game together. The issue is partially resolved by PSN’s ability to invite players cross game, but the bolted-on approach inability to voice chat makes the PS3 feel like it’s a generation behind  doesn’t seem to work nearly as well as Xbox Live’s private and party chat options.

I don’t want to say the PlayStation 3 is a bad system by any stretch of the imagination, but a flawed system. It has it’s many strengths, and obvious weaknesses. I’ll be writing articles on why I hate the other systems in due time as well because every system, no matter how much we love it, has it’s critical flaws that nag us every time we turn it on. I’m curious to hear what the other staff and readers have to say about annoyances with gaming, so feel free to pour it on in the comment section.

Stay posted for the next installments in the “Why I Hate…” series as I reflect upon the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and Wii U

  • Majoras_Wrath

    I own all the major consoles out right now and have my own mixed opinions on each. I also love each of them for what they do. The PS3 is an amazing console and I love PS+ but I agree with your point that those load times are terrible. They kill the experience and make things take so, so long. Its an obvious flaw but one I can look past when I look at all the pros there are to it. It gives me a much different experience from xbox and that’s what I love about it. It has many exclusive titles that just make owning a PS3 something great.

    • DarthDiggler

      I popped a 240GB Solid State into my PS3. :) It’s pretty peppy now.

  • Demonikon

    Except this article is a total fail. I agree with the patches, but making up things about ps+ is a crock. Ps+ members have never had 4p chat exclusively. Doesn’t exist

    • the_mags

      Thank you for pointing that out–revising the section to clarify my statement

  • http://www.facebook.com/marty8370 Martin Clarke

    Writter and site are LAME, Won’t even let me post an ASWER to this. Guest TRUTH HURTS. Writter just a LAME Xbot FANBOY(ONLY WANTS TO HEAR ANYTHING THATS BACKS UP HIS TRIPE), after HITS for a LAME SITE(ONE SITE I’ll AVOID IN FUTURE)

  • WOW

    Wow, how can so many false statements come from so few paragraphs? To begin, the PS3, reguardless of if it has PS+ or not, cannot support party chat. Sony has even come out on several occasions and confirmed this when questioned about it in reguards to future firmware updates. The PS3 was simply not built capable of handling it. They have since acknowledged and corrected the problem in all future hardware as proved by the Vita.
    Clearly you know nothing about PS+ though and proved it once again with the main premise of the article, the long updates. If we are talking about xbox’s paid service, you must compare it to PS’s paid service. Their free one can only be compared to xbox’s free one, silver.
    PS+ comes with something even xbox gold doesnt, automatic updates. What this means is you never have to sit through an update again because it does them for you every night while you are sleeping. I agree the updates are rediculously long, but I havent seen one in almost 2 years because of PS+.
    You cannot admit to basically playing nothing but Xbox, then turn on your PS3 once every year or so , and then base an opinion on the system from the one time you threw LBP2 in. Guess what, if you only turned your xbox on once a year, it would be packed with system, firmware, and game updates too.
    Its articles like this that will keep this site small time.

    I also want it noted that I am actually an Xbox fan, but I, unlike this author, am not close minded enough to not see what a great system the PS3 is. I cant wait to see what this genius has to say next.

    • the_mags

      As an owner (paying hard earned money) of PS2/PS3/Wii/WiiU/Xbox360 I think I’m entitled to an opinion.

      Read the article again, maybe you’ll catch this line:

      “I don’t want to say the PlayStation 3 is a bad system by any stretch of the imagination, but a flawed system.”

      • WOW

        What terribly flawed logic. “Paying hard earned money” doesn’t automatically give you the right to review something, especially something you yourself admitted to rarely playing. I recently bought a copy of Crysis 2 at Best Buy for $10 because it was so cheap, but I have yet to play it. In fact, it is still in the cellophane. Should I review the game, or better yet, write an article on why I hate it? Clearly merely purchasing it with my “hard earned money” is enough to merit me writing articles up and down about it.

        Look dude, I shouldn’t of been so mean in my initial comment. Although your article was very poorly written, and even more poorly researched, it doesn’t give me the right to bash on it. It was clearly an amateur piece done by an amateur author. What upset me is your response talking down to me as if I am illiterate or something. “Read the article again”? Like your words are so masterfully crafted that I am simply unable to comprehend the complexities of your words in one read through?

        In all honesty, I actually applaud your efforts in writing an opinion piece. It is miles better than the other articles on this site which are merely regurgitation’s of articles IGN put up a couple of hours before you guys. All I am saying is know the subject matter in which you are writing about before you post again or I will be back to point out your inaccuracies again.

        • Clem

          Dude, you can’t complain about someone’s hostilities toward you if you were hostile towards them first… That’s like hitting someone and then throwing a fit if they hit back. He was being a lot less rude than you were.

  • Jimmy McRustles

    Horrible article.

    • the troll

      Horrible Comment

      • http://twitter.com/ozlacs jeff scalzo

        Horrible reply.

        • Pokemon Trainer Red


    • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.dipalma Jordan DiPalma

      “Posted in: Opinion”
      “I don’t want to say the PlayStation 3 is a bad system by any stretch of the imagination”
      “This is part 1 of a 4 part series on my personal grips on console games”

      In other words… he didn’t single out the PS3 and say it sucks. He’s listing the problems that he has with the console, a treatment he’s giving the other three consoles out there as well. Besides, who are you to say his opinions are wrong? Just because you don’t agree doesn’t make the article flawed. If you have other reasons for considering it a horrible article, why don’t you enlighten us instead of just leaving two words that tell us nothing but your own opinion?

  • MartinB105

    I don’t really know why cross-game chat is so important. Do you really want someone who has nothing to do with the game you’re playing to be distracting you from the atmosphere, story and the experience of your game? I sure as hell don’t.

    The update issue is solved with PlayStation Plus. My games are updated between 16:00 and 18:00, which is immediately before I get home from work, so I never need to wait for updates.

    • Haz Kirai

      Both negative and positive articles are freedom of speech. Meanwhile, $ony sheeples are still begging for poopstation vita to beat Apple, Microsoft and Google devices. They always think vita’s history will be exactly the same as psp history, even with more competition from Apple, Microsoft and Google these days than it was in psp era. Lol @desperation, still living in the past much?

      Ps vita is sinking fast to become a primitive sub-HD device in 4+ months, it turns out to be a dead casual/indy toy in “hardcore” cloth. For the same price or even less you can get a real hardcore console without “playing” waiting for real console quality games.

      USA gfx tech >>>> japan gfx tech, sorry brainless babies

      Vote DOWN below to blame $ony, Ken Kutaragi & Shuhei Yoshida for hyping much.
      Vote UP to blame M$ for the powerhouse of DX11 tech innovation that idiotic $ony must adopt/follow to catch up.

      • Lemondish

        Great description of Vita’s current hurdles, though I think your message would be better heard if you didn’t use so much vitriolic rhetoric. I do disagree with you on one point though: I don’t think many Vita owners really care for the casual games market that Apple and Google devices provide. The draw of the system is a handheld console with console style (if not quality) games. The real failing is that the software has been slow and spotty, not that the device itself is lacking capability. The sub-HD screen is a downside, but its minor at best for what the device is intending to offer. Resolution and graphics prowess isn’t everything after all (see: Nintendo Wii).

        Also, I don’t think you know what exactly freedom of speech means. It doesn’t mean that somebody’s opinion on the internet is free from ridicule, critique, or comment. That actually would be a breach of freedom.

      • MartinB105

        Amusing to see someone compare a multimedia API (DirectX) with a CPU architecture (Cell). You fail technology forever. :)

      • DarthDiggler

        You know you start out your comment seemingly wanting to be above the fray. Then you say dumb stupid shit like Poopstation. If you had a Vita you wouldn’t be calling it poop, the iPad doesn’t do anything like Uncharted Golden Abyss because it lacks real controls (most action games on Tablets are shooting galleries).

        Funny you want to dismiss the cell, but via the cell the PS3 was able to emulate a great many Direct X features.

        Stop being such a dismissive ass-hat that takes the little bit of knowledge he has and parades it as a mark of intelligence. Your interpretations of reality completely out you as an asshole.

        • Haz Kirai

          Nah kid, you can’t stop me, you’re just a tiny lil’ sheephole. Oh BTF, funny you’ve proved my point there, the-weakbrain-cell is only able to *emulate* DX features, but still nothing in overall performance. Most multiplats are your best enemy. Next, PS4 will rely on off-the-self CPU/GPU, so say goodbye to your weak-cell forevah.

          Sounds like someone (you/gribblegrunger) needs a box of tissues. But please, cry harder because readers here will float their boats on a sea of your tears. So schweet.

          • MartinB105

            Troll much? Cell does not “emulate” DirectX in any sense of the word. The PS3 has it’s own API’s that match (and possibly surpass) what the 360′s own API’s can do.

            Also, the vast majority of big 360 games do not even use DirectX because it’s the only way to get best performance from the system – using DirectX would slow things down too much.

    • the_mags

      Cross game chat is important when you are trying to catch up with friends, both local and ones you meet online (rare occurrence on PSN unfortunately) or when trying to coordinate a game night with friends when everyone is playing something else. Download speeds should be pretty speedy between the relatively tame mid-afternoon period. I respect the atmosphere many games provide, but the lack of the feature on a supposed “powerhouse” system is embarrassing.

    • http://twitter.com/ozlacs jeff scalzo

      I have cross game chats with all my friends..not even the ones with game consoles. It’s called a fucking phone

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.nash1 Daniel Taylor Nash

      Lol then get friends kid. Seriously I like to be able to at least talk to someone coming into my game. Sure helps when they’re coming in as things get hairy, oh wait judging from your comment you don’t have friends to play games with in the first place. Listen I play single player games for story and immersion as much as the next guy, but don’t be a PS3 fan whore and act like no one cares for cross game chat.

  • John

    Pretty lame article – yes game installs are a complete bitch but that’s across the board mate! And as for the PSN, its free so who cares. You have to pay for XBL, and its a shit service and not not much better than PSN if better at all! There are so many worse things about the PS3 that you have failed to mention. Think before you write again you fake journalist!

  • http://www.facebook.com/manoj.varughese.7 Manoj Varughese

    Yo need to quit eulogizing about how flash lightning network patch downloads should be, it doesn’t have to be that fast always. Most of the other countries don’t run on blazing surf speeds and users manage to wait patiently to fire up their games. Secondly cross game chat. Seriously? WTH is that for? I feel weird to talk to someone playing a different game than I’m on.

    • the_mags

      I’m not expecting “lightning” but a reasonable patch to actually play the game (leave DLC and bonus content out of game patches) is not an unreasonable thing to ask.

  • BlackRaven6695

    So…you hate all consoles?

    • the_mags

      I think they all have a significant level of suck, this is why I’m taking the time to reflect upon them–There is a more “positive” series that will follow the hate, but anyone who think’s i’m an Xbox fanboy will probably be shocked when they see what I write about the Xbox 360.

  • Nadeem Khan

    Lame article, get a life man!

  • Jason

    A more complete list I found of why Xbox >PS in addition to the slow and crappy system and games patch process:
    -OPTIONAL full install for every retail game.
    -Cross-game chat
    -Party mode with different voice chat options
    -Private voice chat channels
    -Voice messaging
    -Multi-user logins system wide
    -Multi-headset support system wide
    -Live status updates for all games
    -Achievements that auto-sync without you having to pay
    -Cross-game invites in all games
    -Join session in progress in all games with multiplayer
    -Mute options in all games
    -Mandatory demos for all downloadable XBLA and indie games
    -Cheaper prices for most downloadable games and DLC
    -Earlier access to many downloadable games and pieces of DLC
    -Windows Live Messenger integration, soon to be replaced by Skype (which is the world’s largest IP based (voice) messaging service
    -WAY more media apps and services
    -Far better privacy options
    -A WAY more functional website where you can queue up demos to your console, etc.
    -You get a license for every free game that MS offers and can redownload it even with a your account degrades to Silver.

    Oh and MS isn’t a company with $150 Billion of still ever growing debt, which equates to over 85% of Sony’s assets

    • mantas

      Why the PS3>Xbox 360…
      - Exclusives, the many, the great.
      - Blu-ray
      - 7.1 Surround Sound
      - User-upgradeable HDD’s
      - Quiet & reliable
      - PS+ free content (can’t stress this one enough)
      - Controllers that stay synced with hardware
      - Not being nickel & dimed at every turn (ie batteries, xbl etc)
      - Incredible D-Pad
      - XMB not flooded with ads
      - More than one AAA for 2013 still scheduled
      - Top shoulder buttons easier to access on the DS3
      - Most game updates not mandatory
      - Much more diverse game library, not just mindless, boring FPS
      - etc., etc.

      • Robert de Vries

        Wow, that’s the most pathetic reply I have ever seen. At least Jason has some concrete and substantial items on his list. Yours is just subjective garbage. Especially the etc, etc. proves that you can’t come up with ANYTHING worthwile to mention.

        • brianc6234

          Shut up loser. The PS3 list is much better. It states the facts.

        • Lemondish

          Subjective doesn’t mean what you think it means.

          While there are a few subjective points here, you missed a lot of really good objective facts. Sure, some of these points are obviously included to pad the list, but this isn’t a one for one comparison here even if you think it should be. There are a lot of really good things the 360 does, just as mantas pointed out, but where its faltering now is with games. Console exclusive games, which the PS3 has a fantastic upcoming array of. Keep in mind that features such as blu-ray, 7.1 surround sound, user upgradeable HDDs, PS+, XMB’s lack of adverts, and a decent upcoming release schedule are all objective points as well. The best part here is that value is in the eye of the beholder – I find value in this system because of the unique content it provides. I find less value in the Xbox 360 because none of my friends own one, I don’t particularly care for the limited exclusives, and I’m not a huge fan of paying for a service to access my other paid for services. You may feel otherwise, and that’s okay. We call that a free market where I’m from.

        • DarthDiggler

          Actually his list is a pretty good start.

      • readypembroke

        The 360 doesn’t just have FPS games, it has a whole bunch of games just like the PS3. Blu-ray, I don’t care about because I put in a widescreen DVD and it just looks as good as a blu-ray. Ads, I don’t care about and I do get cool avatar props and shirts from them like World of Warcraft shirts and much more. 7.1 I don’t care about and barely PS3 games have 7.1. Also I would rather pay for online and not freeload. Joining into MP games that have already started is a cool feature and so is installing games so the 360 is pretty silent. Indie games are actually decent and so is the party chat. Playing a Lego game while your friends are playing some other game and them cracking jokes is hilarious. Bottom line is all console have their quirks and problems. Both consoles do have good exclusives! I want to play the Sly Collection (played the originals on PS2) and Sly 4 when that game comes out.

    • brianc6234

      Micro$soft isn’t in debt because they screw their customers out of every sent they can. They’re the kings of greed.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mauricio-Ballen/570116870 Mauricio Ballen

      Why the PS3 is better to me than 360:

      - Infamous
      - Ni No Kuni
      - Disgaea series
      - Tales of Xillia
      - 3D Dot Game Heroes
      - Ico & Shadow of the Colossus (and hopefully, The last guardian)
      - Flower
      - Folklore
      - God of War series
      - Heavenly Sword
      - Hyperdimension Neptunia
      - Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
      - Katamari Forever
      - Journey
      - Siren: Blood Curse

      • the_mags

        This list actually has some solid picks on it. 3D Dot game heros was more fun than I anticipated.

  • mantas

    @Haz Kirai: You still not done being a retarded troll?

  • mejicanoburladelmundo

    Mean while Xboxers crappers and fake patriots pays gold account with live. PSN can play for free and the crappy and slow system is not a excuse because now in this days the conexion in USA are very fast. A lot of fake patriots buying M$ shit a company of million of millions of dollars and privatize the Online gaming for their clients. In my opinion only a stupid and forever alone waste their money like that.

    • readypembroke

      The company your dissing made Windows!

      • mejicanoburladelmundo

        wow and they want privatize everything right is not enough already pay for a electronic product now we have to paid for licenses year to year later month per month

  • Link

    Stop saying stretch of the imagination

  • Forever Alone

    I don’t have a problem with the party chat……

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1338620597 Mike Jones

    so you admit the xbox has the same issue….admit this is a rare case…..bring up stupid cross game chat(a feature that has never made sense to me,why the hell would i want to talk to someone playing a different game than me)….then say the ps3 isnt a bad system at all.yet you hate it….this is why people hate gaming ‘journalists’ these days…but hey good job in coming up with a misleading title,im sure you got lots of n4g clicks for your minimal amount of effort:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Billy.Dibler Billy Dibler

    You must REALLY hate PC gaming!! Thats all pc games are, patch this, install that, it drives me crazy!

    • the_mags

      You don’t even know man ;) especially back in the days before Steam! But it was the best time ever.

  • brianc6234

    I have Verizon FIOS and a slower connection and it doesn’t take very long for my PS3 to do downloads. I don’t get this one. I even downloaded a big game recently, around 18GB, in a couple hours.

    • the_mags

      One thing I noticed when redownloading some content from PSN is that download speeds can be quite inconsistant. I might literally do a test of this theory to see if it’s time or content based.

      • brianc6234

        Recently LBP2 had an update of almost 1GB and it only took me a few minutes to get through. Maybe it depends on where you live or something. In the past I had a speed problem but switched from wireless to wired. Now I’m wireless and the speed is fast.

  • lt_dan

    This guy is an idiot. Nearly 25%? First off the 20gb PS3 wasn’t that great to begin with. Second, I don’t thing this guy can do math. 4/20=.2 or 20%. What is with cross game chat? I am sorry that is the only thing Xbox live has over PSN, and I’m not paying $50+ a year(the price seems to go up every month now can’t keep track) for that. Have fun with your better 360 as it lights your gaming room on fire, because there are reports of 360′s LIGHTING ON FIRE!

    • readypembroke

      I have had my 360 for 3 years and it hasn’t blown up at all.

    • the_mags

      Since the PS3 stores system files on the HDD the actual storage space on a 20 GB is closer to approximately 18 GB, which makes my approximation of 25% closer (actually 22% which is now reflected in the article).

      To respond to your comment about 360′s lighting on fire: any game console if left in a poorly ventilated area or left on for an extended period of time has the opportunity to have it’s cooling provisions fail and for the unit to become extremely hot–and catch fire. No consumer electronic device is safe from that.

  • http://twitter.com/Fuzzybacon27 Dan Landuyt

    this only proves you havent kept up on your ps3 and that you are an xbox troll. i smell troll

    • the_mags

      I think my first statement proved that.

  • vgcom


  • U210

    Well, maybe he needs to check more about it.

  • Bob Saget

    its sad that after all these years all M$ has is the same 2 space marine shooters, and fable n forza LOL

    Sony owns M$ and kidtendo combined

    better hardware that dosnt FAIL, the ONLY console that plays the true HD format

    Free add-less online > add plastered paid xbl

    Bluray High Def > dvd

    PS plus > ripoff live anyday

    MGS4 > splinter cell

    Demon’s Souls > fable lol

    Uncharted > Gearz (UC2 highest rated exclusive this gen btw)

    Killzone 2,3 > Halo (graphically, quality wise its close)

    Gran Turismo 5 > Forzas

    God of War > no answer from M$ here

    InFamous > crackdown

    Little Big Planet > ms turned this dev away

    Heavy Rain > uh alan wake? (alan wake is on pc now )

    Motorstorm > ?????

    Twisted Metal > ?????

    Modnation racers (bonus)

    Resistance (bonus franchise)

    Heavenly Sword (bonus game)

    Warhawk n Starhawk (bonus games)


    The Last of Us (new ip, somthing ms and ninty know nothing about)

    Beyond: Two Souls -another new ip, :)

    God of War: Ascension (no space marines here folks)

    Sly 4 thieves in time (if ms owned this franchise the devs would be making avatars and shovelware)

    PS Allstars Battle Royale (fighter, (ms has none)

    Dust 514 (will connect to eve online on pc)

    The Last Guardian (new ip)

    Agent (rumored)

    FF vs 13 (rumored)

    read the handwriting on the wall, ninty and M$ have completely abandoned the core gamer in search of casual $$$$

    PS3 and soon PS4 FTW

    have fun playing shovelware xbox fans

    and remember YOU ARE THE CONTROLLER!

    • http://www.facebook.com/Kyrunox Aaron Laye

      While I see what you’re getting at, not everyone likes those kinds of games, and some of your comparisons are unfair. For example, Dark Souls and Fable. I agree that Fable 2 and 3 are utter shit, but the first game was legendary. It also has a severely different theme and playstyle to Dark Souls. Just because the genre is the same is no reason to compare and call one “better.” that’s like trying to compare a game like Disgaea to FF or Xenoblade. They all play different and have their own perks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.dipalma Jordan DiPalma

    I find it surprising how many people don’t get the cross-game chat deal. I personally love being able to chat with my sister about Skyrim or whatever else I’m playing while she gives me pointers and lets me know what’s cool about her game. I don’t own most of the games she does, so it’s hard for us to play the same games together. Plus, she’s not big on Skype and neither of us care for trying to hold a phone while playing, so most of our talk time is on XBox Live.