Wind Waker Wii U: The GameCube Comparison Screenshot Collection

It was bound to happen: fans of The Wind Waker have rounded up a set of screenshots to compare the Wind Waker Wii U HD remake’s interpretation of Windfall Island to the original. The results definitely prove the developers have done their best to deliver a fully faithful transition of the game into this upgraded style – virtually all of the artwork from the original game has been retained, from the placement and patterns of grass, fence posts, and other minute details to more eye-catching stuff like signs and symbols.

Hop inside to see how the two incarnations of The Wind Waker compare.

tww-original-1 WiiU_ZeldaWindWaker_Scrn01

tww-original-2 WiiU_ZeldaWindWaker_Scrn02

tww-original-3 WiiU_ZeldaWindWaker_Scrn04

tww-original-4 WiiU_ZeldaWindWaker_Scrn06

tww-original-5 WiiU_ZeldaWindWaker_Scrn05

Source: All Games Beta

  • Isaac Ness

    mmmm dude, your gamecube captures are stretched, so it’s dificult to make a fair comparisson, just sayin’.

    • Soham Pal

      I wish more people got into the habit of cropping their images instead of stretching them. Even Google’s flagship android apps are guilty of this.

    • Alex Plant

      Not my captures. I still think they’re good enough for comparison purposes, though.

      • Soham Pal

        Yeah, they’re good enough for the sake of a comparison here. :)

      • Kravik

        I thought “finally” some real comparison..


    • Conkerkid11

      I’m the one who captured all the shots, and they’re stretched because the original Wind Waker was not made to be run in 1080p resolution, or this aspect ratio. It was run through Dolphin, and thus was stretched by the emulator to fit my monitor. You’re missing the point entirely though, as comparison shots, you’re supposed to notice differences in lighting and textures. Beyond that, nothing’s changed. It’s an HD remaster in the sense that Ocarina of Time 3D was an HD version of the original Ocarina of Time. Sure, there’s maybe some new features here and there, but this specific location being shown hasn’t changed at all.

      Beyond the stretching, you can tell that the lighting has improved. That’s all that’s changed, and you should immediately notice that. In the original batch of images, I included a shot of Link HD and original, and you can tell that the cel-shading has changed dramatically. But alas, that image didn’t make it to this website.

      • Kravik

        I did not see what all this hype was about, till I watched the Nintendo direct on my 3DS ..

        I say, wow! :D

  • Soham Pal

    They’ve really outdone my expectations of this. The clouds… the new palette… and especially the new lighting all add up to something that really makes you feel awestruck.

  • zdog

    This is really quite amazing. I think It’ll take getting used to the neon grass that matches tetra’s hair, but it still looks stunning.

    • Jared Pryatel

      I was gonna say that it looks quite a bit brighter, which makes me wonder if they’re reusing some of the SS models.

  • Anonymous.

    I cannot be interested at all. Rather than remaking a game that fans have been wanting, they make a game that nobody has wanted remade. Way to take the easy way out Nintendo, I’m even less interested in the WiiU.

    • Soham Pal

      Instead of doing a quick cash-in by getting Grezzo to export the textures out of OoT 3D and put them in MM 3D, Nintendo has to be so lazy as to actually experiment with a stunning new take on hue and lighting! Shame on them! How dare they?!

      • Kravik

        Haha.. Well put! :D

    • Evdude

      I fail to see how remaking a game nobody wanted is an easy way out. If they had decided to remake, say, twilight princess or majora’s mask, and not started working on a new zelda game, they would be taking the easy way out.

      Instead, we get a remake nobody expected, and a completely new game. Unexpected, confusing maybe, but not easy.

      • Kravik

        Nobody expected? LOL

        It was always in the cards..

        • Evdude

          *captain haddock voice*
          “well, i assumed no one was expecting it.”

    • ArabDiSASTER

      You are so sadly mistaken… The ENTIRE time I was wishing they scrapped the other remakes and made a Wind Waker remake… I got my wish…

    • Kravik

      LOL .. I had all my bets on a WW remake..

      I even avoided replaying it on the GC now that I got the tingle tuner..

      Got love it! :D

  • K2L

    Still want a new game. Screw all of this. =/

    • Danny Robles

      Your getting a brand new game. Did you even watch Nintendo Direct?

      • Kravik

        Brand new? Elaborate?

        • M

          What he meant was that they’re doing this remake in order to make the waiting for Zelda Wii U a little easier. Wii U owner’s can have their Zelda fix for the year with this game while they continue to work hard on Zelda Wii U since it won’t be out for quite a while.

          • Kravik

            It surely will be no brand new game though.. It is a remake. :)

  • The Hero of Time

    everyone should stop complaining -.-.. If you’re all Zelda fans appreciate what Shigeru Myiamoto is doing. Yes we all want to see Majoras mask remade but that was supposed to be made on the 3ds. This is the wii u. If you all read it properly Its for the meantime whilst they are making a new Zelda game. So don’t complain I’m actually rather happy and excited they have decided to remake this game. I had so much fun an thought put into it.

  • Erimgard

    They’re doing a LOT with the lighting here. I think I like it.
    Also since the gamecube shots are actually done on dolphin…they might already be enhanced.

  • hyliansword

    me wants

  • Imposer

    Wow, I thought the original Wind Waker was colourful and bright.

  • Kravik

    I so happy I decided not to replay this on the GC and went with a replay of TP instead! :D

    Thank you Nintendo! :D

  • sonicriders02

    Gotta say, at first, I thought these screens were concept art, that how amazing they look in HD! It took like a day before I realized they were actual game screens! Wii U is looking promising!