Wind Waker Wii U: The GameCube Comparison Screenshot Collection

It was bound to happen: fans of The Wind Waker have rounded up a set of screenshots to compare the Wind Waker Wii U HD remake’s interpretation of Windfall Island to the original. The results definitely prove the developers have done their best to deliver a fully faithful transition of the game into this upgraded style – virtually all of the artwork from the original game has been retained, from the placement and patterns of grass, fence posts, and other minute details to more eye-catching stuff like signs and symbols.

Hop inside to see how the two incarnations of The Wind Waker compare.

tww-original-1 WiiU_ZeldaWindWaker_Scrn01

tww-original-2 WiiU_ZeldaWindWaker_Scrn02

tww-original-3 WiiU_ZeldaWindWaker_Scrn04

tww-original-4 WiiU_ZeldaWindWaker_Scrn06

tww-original-5 WiiU_ZeldaWindWaker_Scrn05

Source: All Games Beta