Kidicarus cropped

Best Buy Offering Sales For 3DS Games Among Others is having quite a number of sales on 3DS games, along with other games.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star for 3DS is going for $19.99.

Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS), Darksiders II (Xbox 360 and PS3), Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (3DS), and Pokemon Black and White 2 (NDS) are all $14.99.

Epic Mickey II for the Wii is being offered for $11.99.

There are a ton of other sales going on all weekend, including Resident Evil: 6 and Borderlands 2, so be sure to check out the site for deals.

Sources: Cheapassgamer via Joystiq

  • Vyse Dyne

    Black and White 2 isn’t a 3DS game. Just a minor correction.

    • Aaron Lefebvre

      I am sure most of the people have moved from DS to 3DS by now, but yeah its DS. There were 3DS games in here though.

    • Mel DeBottis

      Ah, good catch! My apologies for the error

  • Aaron Laye

    Looks like I’ll have to stop by and nab professor layton.

  • DekuLink

    Is this sale only online?

    • Mel DeBottis

      This does seem to be an online only sale

    • Deku Link

      NO, it’s also at the stores. I literally just picked up pokemon black/white 2 for $14.99