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Community Poll: Will You Buy a Vita This Year if a Price Cut is Announced at PlayStation 2013?

If you didn’t hear the news, Sony has announced that the price of the PS Vita is dropping, but only in Japan. The Wi-Fi version has been dropped from 24,980 yen ($269) to 19,980 yen ($215), while the 3G version will now cost the exact same amount, no longer being more expensive than its less advanced model.

At tomorrow’s PlayStation 2013 event, Sony is expected to officially reveal the PlayStation 4, but this would also be the perfect time to unveil a price cut for the Vita in the United States. If such a price cut is announced, to you anticipate yourself buying a Vita in 2013? Hit the jump to cast your vote.

Will you buy a Vita this year if a price cut is announced at PlayStation 2013?

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  • Erimgard

    I was tempted to go Undecided, as it really is an impressive piece of hardware, but I need the combination of a price cut and about three games that I can’t pass up. Right now, no games fall in that category, but there’s a bunch I’d consider grabbing. Tearaway will likely be that first “must have” game for me, and Soul Sacrifice might fall in that category too.

  • The_Hyphenator

    Not yet. So far, there are only confirmed games that I actually care about on the platform (P4G, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice and Dragon’s Crown), and two of them haven’t even been released yet. I’ll need a much bigger library of good games before I consider putting down money on a Vita.

  • HylianBadger25

    I’m really pleased with the level of content coming for my 3DS, so there’s no reason to consider purchasing another handheld. Not to mention the PSVita has no chance of delivering me a mobile Zelda game.