GameStop Stock Plunges 10% Following Recent Xbox Rumors

Remember when GameStop’s stock dropped 5% following the discovery of Sony’s patent to block used games? For a company that relies so heavily on used game sales, things just got even uglier for GameStop.

Due to today’s batch of rumors about the next Xbox, investors are worried again. Among other things, it’s rumored that the next Xbox will also block used games, and with both Microsoft and Sony looking to eliminate the used game market, GameStop’s stock has dropped a whopping 10% so far. How long can GameStop survive in the next generation with only Nintendo allowing for a used game market?

We’ve seen GameStop expand their market to include smart phones and tablets, and prominent leaders in the company have discussed bringing back retro games and consoles for sale. Will these expansions be enough to keep GameStop afloat without used games?

Source: GameChup

  • Melora

    Good. I hope it falls even further and they fold. They cause the market more damage than pirating by cutting into the share of people actually willing to purchase games. Anyone who wants the gaming industry to do well, and in turn for game companies to have more freedom with what they make, should not support GameStop.

    • Erimgard

      I’d have to disagree with you there. GameStop and the used game market are an excellent way to gather interest in a series. If I’m unsure of a game, I won’t buy it new and spend $60 on something that I don’t like, but if I can buy it cheap, I’m hooked on the series, and it’s no longer a risk. When sequels come out, I’m interested, and I’m going to want them on day one.

  • zdog

    I say bring back retro games! It is actually getting pretty tough to find shops that carry previous to the gamecube, and even gamestop is phasing out that generation. There is a market there, and I hope they move for it.

  • Linkfan99

    aww… poor gamestop… i hope xbox rethinks this decision.