Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford Says He Wasn’t Lying About Aliens: Colonial Marines

If you hadn’t heard, the long awaited and much-hyped release of Aliens: Colonial Marines has been an absolute trainwreck for Gearbox. According to an anonymous source who claims to have worked on the game, much of the development was outsourced, and key elements of the game were slashed in order to meet deadlines. This has resulted in a rushed, sloppy game that has fallen far short of expectations, and many consumers feel that they’ve been lied to, but Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford says this isn’t the case.

A lot of angry consumers have taken to proclaiming their anger and frustration on Pitchford’s Twitter account, and although he claims to welcome constructive criticism, Pitchford has taken exception to accusations of dishonesty. In response to a tweet that read “No one likes liars,” Pitchford had this to say:

No one likes to be called a liar, especially if their intent was pure and they always spoke the truth when they spoke it.

Every company’s marketing team is going to show off their game in as positive of a light as possible in pre-release footage, but do the differences between the Colonial Marines footage from October and the finished product cross the line and enter into the category of deceit? Gearbox may not think so, but a significant amount of gamers do, and it will likely cost them the trust of consumers in the future.

Source: PixelSmashers

  • Christopher Swing

    Unless the definition of “lying” has changed, Pitchford was lying, whether he wants to admit it or not. Unless he was entirely unaware what was going on with his allegedly most personally important project at his own company? Being president means taking responsibility for failing as well as sucking up praise for doing well.

    • Rezider

      I can’t agree…first of all we don’t know the reason why it turned out like that, second it’s possible that they lowered most of the stuff so that it can work on all platforms :/

      • Christopher Swing

        You’re a little late to the apologist show on this one. Stockholm Syndrome much?

  • jimjimmy123

    Can’t believe how Randy Pitchford can lie with such a straight face. All the graphics people saw in marketing videos and on Youtube were prerendered footage made to LOOK like a realtime game.

    The game he sold people looks completely different and like Playstation 1. This is why people hate Aliens CM and Randy Pitchford so much. Because Randy Pitchford simply conned them with what criminally is termed a bait & switch. He is a fraudster.