Here are Some Mock-Ups of the Rumored PS4 Controller

One of the big talking points regarding the recent PS4 rumors is, of course, the infamous touch pad controller.

It’s worth noting that, despite some of the initial fan outrage suggesting that Sony is copying Nintendo once again, there’s actually a difference between a touch pad and a touch screen – and some fan-made mock-ups do an excellent idea of demonstrating that difference. The idea is something more like a laptop’s touch pad mouse – indeed, I made a direct comparison to Vita’s rear touch pads – than Wii U’s stylus-y touch screen.

You can hop inside to take a look at a few more mock-ups.

Again, these are fan-made, not actual official concept images.

Source: NeoGAF via Kotaku

  • Ben West

    first the playstation move now this controller wow playstation likes nintendo quite a bit

    • KingWookiee

      They are not copying nintendo. That is the back of the Vita, released before the wii u, Placed on the front of there controller. Wii u has a tablet.

      • anon

        and vita was released after the DS which was the first touch hand held, AND the first with augmented reality, which vita also did. Op, Nintendo.

  • Linkfan99

    Heh… Second time Sony’s copied Nintendo… Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Right now, some people are like “Wow… a touch controller… that’s stupid. Why would you need that?” But if this is true, it might earn Wii U more respect.

  • Aquarhane

    Would be nice to see them looking like one of these.

  • Gabriel Gomez

    The article pic and the 1st of three smalleer ones look like the skinnyer brother of the fatter younger brothers. IDK just random.

  • BobFour I like this one the most

  • wiiboy101 uk gamer lol @ Fony

    and any type of controlling of games on a laptop touch pad is down right CRAP sony are a joke and dualshock pretending not to be dualshock is no NO NOOO new controller sony are a sad joke..

    gamepad, pro pad, classic pad pro,wii remote ,wii remote plus,nunchuck,balance board etc etc NOW THATS A GAMES CONSOLE

  • wiiboy101 uk gamer

    Leave a message…maybe a videogame were u scratch gambling scratcg cards and you rub the pad LOL sony are OVER

  • BreanaMelvin

    dreamcast anyone?