Here’s Another Look at the PS4 Controller Prototype

Yesterday we shared a photo of a dev-kit PS4 controller prototype, featuring the rumored touch pad, new analog stick grips, and a mysterious sensor strip. As you can see above, there’s a new photo that’s been circulating the tubes, and it highlights a few other differences from the DualShock.

Read on for a discussion of a few of these differences.

For one, this controller seems definitely wider, with larger hand grips, which could suggest it’s designed for typically larger Western hands. This makes sense – one common complaint against the current design was that the controllers were too small to be comfortable.

It also seems to appear that the touch pad can display information, though this is just speculation. This would already make it enhanced compared to the PS Vita’s rear touch pads, although I imagine the touch technology is still based off Vita.

Judging the the way the “sensor strip” at the top of the controller is glowing, it looks like it could be used for motion gestures in a similar fashion to PlayStation Move as well.

All will be revealed in just under a week, but since this seems to be the general direction of the new system’s controller – what do you think of the new controller design? Do you think this is something you could see yourselves using next generation, Sony fans?

Source: All Games Beta