Japanese Newspaper: PlayStation 4 Releasing in 2013, Costs Over $400

According to popular Japanese magazine Asahi, the PlayStation 4 will be released in both North America and Japan sometime later this year. The newspaper pegs the system as costing “more than 40,000 yen.” In US dollars, that converts to around $428, although the newspaper didn’t specify how accurate the 40,000 yen figure was and prices vary by region. Is $400-$450 a reasonable enough price to convince you to buy a PlayStation 4 at launch? Hopefully we’ll know the specifics after Sony’s PlayStation 2013 reveal.

Source: esuteru via Gaming Everything

  • Jordan D.

    I probably won’t buy a PS4 for years. I’ll let its release drop the price of the PS3 and buy one of those, making my only next-gen console the Wii U.

    • riggz

      yeah, you say that now.

      • Jordan D.

        If the PS4 gets some killer app I can’t live without (Kingdom Hearts III comes to mind) I may very well break down and get it, but it’ll still hurt to shovel out that much for a company I’m not overly fond of.

  • goldenwolf6

    I don’t know why they keep using this concept art for the PS3, I think it’s hideous

  • FunFunIslandGuy

    that depends… do I need another blu ray player?