Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Big Wii U News Today

Rich from IGN is at it again with his mysterious tweets. Last night Rich “Some very interesting Wii U-related news coming tomorrow. Stay tuned. All I’m saying.” No further details were given, except that it’s not related to the ZombiU bundle listed on Best Buy Canada. Could we be getting a new trailer for one of the games shown off during the recent Wii U Direct? Maybe we’ll get a new game reveal. What are you hoping for?

UDPATE: This is the big news for today – Rayman Legends Delayed to September, No Longer Wii U Exclusive.

Source: Nintendo Everything

  • nightphoenix16

    Wind Waker, My body is ready.

    • Erimgard

      A full trailer would be nice

      • Regol

        As well as confirmation of how its graphics will really look.

    • Exordx

      My body is Reggie.

  • zdog

    Last time he did this about 3DS it amounted to multiplayer details for luigi’s mansion dark moon. Given it was still good news, but not deserving of a cryptic tease leading up to it. Hopefully he doesn’t keep crying wolf.

  • http://twitter.com/bradley2HC b r a d.

    Wind walker or beyond unlikely, stargate sg1 unleashed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001759639093 Kristin Laflin

    Well, now I will be keeping my eyes peeled… :)