Meloetta Coming to GameStop Via Pokémon Distribution Event This March

The next Pokémon to be released via a special distribution event is slated to be Meloetta, the Melody Pokémon, which will arrive exclusively at GameStop locations from March 4 through March 24. Owners of Pokémon Black & White or Pokémon Black & White 2 will be able to download the Pokémon by visiting a GameStop location between those dates with a DS or 3DS and their Pokémon game in hand.

Previous distribution events for Black & White and Black & White 2 include Keldeo and Genesect, as well as Victini, Zorua, Darkrai, and Zoroark.

Source: @BulbaNewsNOW on Twitter via NintendoNerds

  • Shadow Ninjix

    A shame I just recently got back into Pokemon and missed all distribution events except Victini’s. I will definitely not be missing this one!(:

  • Linkfan99

    Uhm… Is it “Meleotta” or “Meloetta”…? Because on the gamestop sign, it says Meleotta, but in the article, you say Meloetta.