New AckkStudios Game “Project Y2K” In Development for Wii U

AckkStudios, the indie developer behind Two Brothers is now teasing their new project. The indie developer had previously announced that they were working on an Earthbound-inspired 3D game, and now we’re getting our first clues about the game.

Via a tumblr page, AckkStudios has started releasing clues as to the nature of their next game, codenamed “Project Y2K.” The above image was released with the caption “Just a woman made of plastic…”

Since then, a number of tags have been added, with the most notable one being “#Wii U,” suggesting that Project Y2K will be a Wii U exclusive. We know that the studio’s first project, Two Brothers, is coming to the Wii U eShop and other platforms this year, and it looks like Project Y2K will be joining.

Other notable tags include “#space,” “#fourth dimension,” “#physics,” “#double split experiment,” (a term relating to quantum physics) and “#woman made of plastic.” Just what does AckkStudios have up their sleeves?

They recently updated the page with a section entitled “A little insight” which reads as follows:

We are very happy with the reaction we got just from our two little teaser posts!

The purpose of this blog is to show off work in progress images of our next project…

However, before we begin to show more too much from this project, we feel it’s important that people know that Two Brothers is still our main project. We began Project Y2K before we started Two Brothers and put it on hold to finish Two Brothers, as it was a smaller project.

Everyone who has completed work on Two Brothers is now working on Project Y2K… so that’s about a third of the AckkStudios Team.

Now that Two Brothers is nearing completion, we felt it was time to return to Project Y2K.

Project Y2K currently exists in a few forms… concept art, a finalized script/story line, a completed graphics/gameplay engine.

As for the title Project Y2K, we can tell you that the reason we’ve chosen this project name is because the game will begin January 1st 1999 at 12:02 AM…

We’ll be keeping our eyes on this project, and you can check for updates here.