Next Batch of Xbox 720 Rumors: Always Online, Blocks Used Games, Kinect 2.0

The PlayStation 4 will likely be announced on February 20, but when can we find out more about the next Xbox? According to Edge, some of the recent rumors we’ve heard are true, and some longstanding suspicious are also correct.

According to “sources with first-hand experience of Microsoft’s next generation console,” the next Xbox will require an internet connection in order to function, making it a very online-driven gaming experience. One has to wonder just how much, if any, functions of the console will be available without a paid Xbox Live subscription. Edge states that “a new iteration of Xbox Live will be an integral part of Microsoft’s next console.”

While Microsoft is going to push digital downloads on the system, physical disks will not be eliminated. The next Xbox will use 50GB Blu-ray disks, conforming to the same format as Sony after the failure of HD-DVD.

Following the discovery that Sony has patented a way to block used games, we saw a panic sweep the used games market. GameStop’s stocks may take another hit if rumors are true, because the next Xbox is also believed to be able to detect and reject used games.

The next Xbox is also supposed to launch with a new and improved version of Kinect. Microsoft is expected to “invest heavily” in motion-based technology and gameplay, with the new Kinect being much more reliable and responsive.

Finally, sources claim that the PlayStation 4 will have a couple of distinct advantages over the next Xbox. For starters, though the architectures of the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation both resemble that of PCs, inside sources say that Sony’s machine is better for leveraging power. Secondly, the next Xbox’s operating system overhead is described as “oppressive” in comparison to the PlayStation 4.

These are all still rumors at this point, but more and more sources are coming forward with similar information. We’ll likely get the official reveal of the PlayStation 4 very soon. Hopefully the next Xbox won’t be too far behind.

Source: Edge

  • Patrick Mancuso

    It should be Febuary 20 not January 20 and I really hope they do not go trhough with blocking used games!

  • Gamemaser1000

    Its a ripoff to go and have the consoles go and not accept used games. The person who sold the game obviously didn’t want it anymore so its not his now. You guys may not seem worth it if the games are internet only and not read used games. Who’s gonna buy that?

  • Brian DiBonaventure

    You would think that, with all the bad reactions that they’ve gotten from these “leaks”, that they’d squash the idea of blocking used games.

  • Kory Pelletier

    Looks like the Wii U is gonna see a whole lot more sales, and Steam will see even more users. I didn’t expect any less from Microsoft, honestly. They’ve been putting people off their stuff for ages.

  • Mike Gregg

    i refuse to purchase either new console if they do not except used games that is completely stupid in every single way…….

    • Mike Gregg

      also not to keen on the have to have an internet connection for the console to function ive gone threw rough times when some things need to be sacrificed and the internet is not a necesity so then i wouldnt have my games to help occupy time def not a good idea

    • Chris Arbour

      I agree 100% with you.

  • Christie Wilson

    How on earth are they going to be able to tell if the game has been used??? As I am not a big tech geek can some one please let me know in laymans terms. Does this mean that the game will only ever work on the one console so you can take it to a friends house to play???

    • Erimgard

      There’s been talk of both tying a game to a user account and to a specific system.

    • The Guy

      From what I heard, the game will have a code of sorts, once used on one system, the data is then stored on a server or something making it to where the game is tied only to that system. If that’s the case and both the PS4 and next Xbox implement that system, they will both fail.

  • Niko Bellic

    they better scrap all these ideas now or nobody will want to buy their shitty systems!!

  • Lyceaos Graymoon

    ok what dumbass thinks this stuff is a good idea? they need ot be bitchslapped so hard they cant feel their face for a month. this si bullshit. not allowed to play sued games or games we rent or whateverf? that is total bullshit and you watsh if they do that, it will ruying them and people will flock to whoever doesnt do that, start pirating heavily immediately, hack their systems and dont say they cant cause do this and i promis you they will find a way, or refuse to ove to the next console and msome gamers might riot. i know id join the pickets and maybe even the riots if they did this fucking shit. they need to pull tiher heads out of their moronick greedy asses and use what brains they have if they fucking have one

  • Terrak

    Why are they doing this? Simple. Removing the Used games market means the only way to get the game is pay for a new copy. With no used games circulating around in the used market stopping potential sales (1 used game could be sold once, twice or even 10 times which means up to 10 or more potential sales lost) i believe sony and microsoft believe that by doing this they will sell more games, thus reducing prices of games and possibly the consoles themselves. Its why Steam can sell games so cheap, each game stays with one user. You cannot transfer the game to anyone (well gifts you can but you cant use your steam gifts first then sell them). It may just work if the games prices are considerably lower then normal and the console price is low too. But question is will gamers accept it? We’ll wait and see (and see if its true).

  • Mathew Mendivil


  • Chris Arbour

    Well now that this has been given to the public and everyone is saying it’s flat out fucking retarded they are going to get rid of the idea or at least they fucking better XD

  • Blake Wigert

    If they, Microsoft and Sony, block used games they are shooting themselves in the foot and kicking gamers in the face, with spiked boots. What if you buy a bad game, or beat a game that you know has no replay value to you what happens the it is worthless to GameStop as they couldn’t sell it and would probably not buy it back as a result, therefore all you could do is throw it away resulting in basically throwing 60$ into the wind and a massive amount of old useless games ending up in landfills. And what of GameFly, could you even rent games to try? I’m a Nintendo fan and always will be unless they betray my trust, so this doesn’t affect me at all, so go ahead Microsoft and Sony, block those games and cement your doom.