Nintendo Direct Feb 14: The Legend of Zelda Miiverse Community is Open for Business

During today’s Nintendo Direct, it was announced that even though new Legend of Zelda games aren’t hitting Wii U for awhile, fans want to discuss the series now – so Nintendo will make a special “Open Community” for the Zelda franchise available on Miiverse soon right now.

You can discuss both upcoming Wii U games – Zelda Wii U and Wind Waker Wii U – as well as other games in the franchise, share your artwork, and ask the developers for wanted features. Mr. Aonuma will even post from time to time!

Zelda Miiverse Community: Nintendo is launching a Miiverse community dedicated to The Legend of Zelda series today, letting fans discuss the past, present and future of this timeless franchise.

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    This is gonna be good…

  • ghirahimhunter

    They should make a game where Link and Zelda are about to kiss at the end of the game and the king runs in and reveals to them that they are long-lost twins. Problem?