Platinum Games: Rising Revengeance Could Hit Wii U if Demand is High Enough

Platinum Games is definitely a fan of the Wii U. The talented studio is currently working on The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2, both Wii U exclusives, but they’re also developing Metal Gear: Rising Revengeance under Konami’s watchful eye. Konami has said in the past that the game will not be coming to the Wii U, but a recent statement from Platinum Games gives a glimmer of hope for the Nintendo faithful.

When asked by a fan about the possibility of a Wii U release for Rising Revengeance, PlatinumGames writer / translator JP Kellam responded:

[Konami] would have to see demand for it and bring us the request to port.

It sounds like Platinum Games is interested in the idea, but it’s not their call to make. Chances are pretty slim for a Wii U release, but if you’re a Wii U owner and you want to see the game ported, make your voice heard, and there might be a chance.

Source: Destructoid