Pokémon X & Y: ‘Ninfia’ is Called ‘Sylveon’ in English, Here’s a Trailer

Remember Ninfia, the new “Eeveelution” from Pokémon X & Y that was revealed earlier this week? Turns out it’s got an official English name, too: “Sylveon.”

The name is a reference to the sylph, a fairy-like air elemental creature from Western mythology, which despite the fact that it hasn’t had its type officially revealed would seem to suggest it’s a Flying-type or Ghost-type Pokémon.

There’s a new trailer as well as a bunch of screenshots and official Sugimori-style artwork after the break!

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine (trailer, screenshots, artwork)

  • Skyfolk

    Interesting choice of name, the root word being “Sylvan” which means “of or pertaining to the forest”. The Japanese name was based on a flower, a Ninfea.

  • Kristin Laflin

    I hope it ends up being a Flying type. If it’s a Normal type, I won’t be able to use it! D:

    • Dingus

      I’d put my money into it being a flying type. Mostly because it sounds pretty fuckin stupid if they were going to introduce a new type like “light” into the works this late. Also its design is reminiscent of fairies and butterflies which can also attune to its name in different languages (in German its similar to “Fairy” and in french it sounds like “Nymph”)

  • Snivy747

    I dont understand why people are so against “Type 18″ Like seriously it wont be the end of the world -_-’

    • Skyfolk

      Because the game doesn’t need a new type. Dark and Steel were made for the express purpose of balancing Psychic.

  • Alex Vogel


    • Dingus

      I will bet you are wrong.

  • disqus_5qE9eQNQHO

    well likely it will not be a normal type more likely a flying type also if it was a normal type shouldn’t it look just like eevee

  • Josh

    I’m very much hoping it’s either Ghost, Flying or a type changer like Arceus. Just my opinion saying that it would be badass as hell if it was type changer.

  • Cool Sal Magna Carta

    how the hell can they snuggest its flying or ghost

  • TheSockGod

    It’s officially the new ‘fairy’ type, which means it can easily explain its name as it’s named after a fairy-like creature