Rayman Legends “Online Challenges” Will be Available Exclusively for Wii U in April

The Rayman Legends development team, represented by Creative Director Michel Ancel and Senior Game Manager Michael Micholic, decided to clarify that that the promised “Wii U exclusive demo” is actually a full-fledged online “challenge mode” that will offer daily competitions for a number of stages from the game. That means your play opportunities won’t be limited – there’ll be something new to try almost every day! This is the first time Rayman has had an online mode.

Challenge mode content will be available exclusively on Wii U for free via the eShop starting this April, offering “countless hours” of fun.

Find out more about the challenges by clicking below!

There will be five settings: the Dojo, the Deadly Pit, the Infernal Tower, the Dungeon, and the fan-favorite Land of the Livid Dead. Each of them will offer unique gameplay styles – and the Dungeon will implement the Wii U exclusive GamePad features, which we’ve already seen in the existing demo.

You’ll participate with players from around the world, including the development team, and can play both solo as well as with multiple players. Record ghosts and leaderboards will be supported for each challenge, so you’ll be able to closely track how good you are compared to others!

They also explained that they’re using the added development time to add more content to the game, which they say can only be good for the game.

You can get a brief look at the challenge mode in the video below:

Source: Rayman on Facebook via GoNintendo