Report: Developers at D.I.C.E. Convention Talk About Cancelling Wii U Projects, No Faith in Nintendo

I remember hearing in 2006 that Wii was selling out everywhere, while PS3 was just “stumbling.” When I say “stumbling,” I mean that Wii U’s “below expectations” launch sales would have made Sony jealous. And I remember a collective denial in response – from the industry, from gamers, from basically everybody. Third-party developers were still putting out tons of PS3 software – high profile software – throughout all of 2007, even despite the fact that most of those games were slow sellers. Why? Because they had confidence that sales would increase over time.

Flash-forward to today, and you don’t see anyone backing Wii U with… well, anything, really. It was the constant stream of content appearing on PS3 that kept its pulse going throughout its first year on sale, and even though sales were slower at the start of the PS3’s life than they are for Wii U, we haven’t seen that kind of support for Nintendo’s new system. A report out of the D.I.C.E. convention says that publishers are going to far as to cancel their projects entirely.

Isn’t there a kind of double standard going on here?

At DICE, nobody has been talking about the new Wii U projects they have started, only the Wii U projects that have just been cancelled. Platform is in serious trouble.

Publishers and developers from the US, UK, France, Germany, and Australia mainly. Pubs and devs never recoiled from PS3 like they seem to be with Wii U (though this is anecdotal). There was always the confidence that the numbers would get there over time with PS3. I’m not sensing that with Wii U.

I had a data point yesterday at lunch with a high budget Wii U game that was hoping to sell “millions” over time. It only managed “tens of thousands”. It is one of the top rated games for the platform.

I’m suspecting the mystery game could be Scribblenauts Unlimited, Batman Arkham City Armored Edition, or Assassin’s Creed III.

What do you think? Do you imagine third-parties would see more support from Nintendo customers if they gave more support to Nintendo systems?

Source: NeoGAF via GoNintendo

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