Report: Developers at D.I.C.E. Convention Talk About Cancelling Wii U Projects, No Faith in Nintendo

I remember hearing in 2006 that Wii was selling out everywhere, while PS3 was just “stumbling.” When I say “stumbling,” I mean that Wii U’s “below expectations” launch sales would have made Sony jealous. And I remember a collective denial in response – from the industry, from gamers, from basically everybody. Third-party developers were still putting out tons of PS3 software – high profile software – throughout all of 2007, even despite the fact that most of those games were slow sellers. Why? Because they had confidence that sales would increase over time.

Flash-forward to today, and you don’t see anyone backing Wii U with… well, anything, really. It was the constant stream of content appearing on PS3 that kept its pulse going throughout its first year on sale, and even though sales were slower at the start of the PS3′s life than they are for Wii U, we haven’t seen that kind of support for Nintendo’s new system. A report out of the D.I.C.E. convention says that publishers are going to far as to cancel their projects entirely.

Isn’t there a kind of double standard going on here?

At DICE, nobody has been talking about the new Wii U projects they have started, only the Wii U projects that have just been cancelled. Platform is in serious trouble.

Publishers and developers from the US, UK, France, Germany, and Australia mainly. Pubs and devs never recoiled from PS3 like they seem to be with Wii U (though this is anecdotal). There was always the confidence that the numbers would get there over time with PS3. I’m not sensing that with Wii U.

I had a data point yesterday at lunch with a high budget Wii U game that was hoping to sell “millions” over time. It only managed “tens of thousands”. It is one of the top rated games for the platform.

I’m suspecting the mystery game could be Scribblenauts Unlimited, Batman Arkham City Armored Edition, or Assassin’s Creed III.

What do you think? Do you imagine third-parties would see more support from Nintendo customers if they gave more support to Nintendo systems?

Source: NeoGAF via GoNintendo

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  • Mexico

    horrible hardware for wii U

  • CB

    Of course. The gaming community has, in error, convinced themselves that Nintendo as a company is a system for families and children. Anyone who says otherwise is a “fanboy”. In spite of all this, Nintendo home and handheld consoles have outsold Sony’s consoles as well as the Xbox. The truth is: there is as much potential for Nintendo’s systems as there is for any other system and once people can break down the thought that “Nintendo is for kids”, then Nintendo will finally have the 3rd party support that it deserves. There are darker games for the Wii and if devs and the gaming community can get a clue, they’ll realize that even if a kid is playing a WiiU, so might their parents. There’s a Wii in almost every home. The WiiU won’t be any different once PS4 and Xbox3 comes out(at a much higher price I might add).

    • Aaron Lefebvre

      Nintendo makes games for their long time fans as well, this is fact.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t blame any company for backing out at this point in time. I would assume that Nintendo, after being in this specific part of the market for years, would understand that they need fantastic titles that interest people if they want their sales to go up for a new console, along with keeping their investors happy. If a new gym opens up in a town, but all they have on the inside is one or two treadmills with the promise of new equipment coming in the next few months/years, NOBODY is going to want to pay the incredibly high membership fee, and those that did pay it before seeing the inside will be greatly disappointed. NO business could get away with this sort of business plan, so why would Nintendo try it and hope for success? When a third party game company sees this lack of investment into the console, why would they then try to invest into a failing product? The Xbox 360 and PS3 were fantastic systems for third party gaming companies to work with because of how similar the controls were, and how similar the consoles were; if a company now has to try to incorporate the Gamepad into their titles, why would they waste their time on that when they can simply create a game, and then slightly tweak it to work on two already successful consoles? I had no faith in the WiiU before it came out, and I have even less faith in it now. In my personal opinion, Nintendo had a good run, but now, they’re trying too hard. They’ve run themselves into a wall; by trying to be ahead of the competition in new technology, they have now isolated themselves from success. A few months ago, I would have said that if Nintendo can come up with new games in order to sell this product, they still might have a chance in this market, but now, I fear that the WiiU will fail, and Nintendo might as well continue to flail about in the market until they finally are forced to shut down.

    • Alex Plant

      But companies don’t HAVE to incorporate the GamePad into the games. Just adding Off-TV Play would be enough in a lot of cases. And apart from the screen, the GamePad has relatively close parity with Xbox 360 and PS3′s controllers – the same number of buttons, clickable sticks, even added triggers. The only real functional loss is its lack of analog triggers, and perhaps the fact that you can’t use the “claw” grip the same way you can on other systems, but then those don’t matter for a lot of games.

      • Lucas

        Honestly if they don’t have a problem producing for 3DS the Wii U shouldn’t be any more of a hassle…the second screen isn’t the problem.

        • Alex Plant

          How many Western developers do you see making games for 3DS?

          • Lucas

            More than that are currently supporting the Wii U openly. Hell they can’t even say openly if they are even planning support for the Wii U. I love Nintendo but 3rd party support looks like its gonna suck worse than N64. I miss the SNES days…

    • George Kingsley-Moore

      Sometimes consoles take a lot of time to get up and running, and I think he Wii U will be one of these consoles. Nintendo needs time to develop quality games, whereas Sony can spend all their time working on the console because they do not develop games. I think it was a stupid idea for you to give up on Nintendo as the wii u has still sold more in the first month of selling than The xbox 360 and playstation 3 sold in their first months of selling COMBINED. Nintendo has been undermined because of people like you you who have no knowledge of the gaming world.

    • Vexoria

      The problem is that we’ve been convinced that any system that isn’t Nintendo is better and honestly, it’s not always about the system. As a gamer, it’s never about the system, it’s never about the graphics, it’s about the immersive stories and the amazingly developed characters that help with the immersion. The thing is, who is the group that started all this in video games, the group that gave us the stories and characters? Nintendo is and has always been the one that gives us gamers the best quality games with such well created stories that immerse us into that universe. They’ve brought us the games that are actually fun to play many times. They dun need the 3rd party to help, but they don’t need them backing out and throwing the system name down the drain for others.

    • DementedAvenger27

      everyone forgets that launches are always bad. once mariozelda, and metroid come out, sales will be better. Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101 will help that along with cross play Monster HUnter 3. systems aren’t really that great until about a year after their release.

  • Vexoria

    I honestly believe, they’re not giving it the time to work with. The Wii U hasn’t been out that long, whereas PS3 kept getting the support for a much longer time throughout it’s first year. Obviously, it’s just more people wanting to bring the thought out to others that the system is horrible, when honestly, I’ve seen enough to say the complete opposite and I used to not be impressed by the Wii U.

  • George Kingsley-Moore

    Nintendo has never been a third-party incorporated experience, so why should they start now? Over the 28 ish years that they have been making video game consoles and games they have never incorporated many third-party games such as call of duty as they had the integrity to stay away from such games. I don’t know why developers backed PlayStation 3 when it came out, it was expensive and sold a lot less than the wii had, but they still backed it. Maybe Sony had developed a advert that brainwashed people into believing in the Sony consoles, and only some people were unaffected by these adverts I really hope that game developers realise that the wii u could sell a lot more if the public knew about it’s stats and gimmicks, as most people that i know think wii u is just a new controller for the wii. Even saying this, it might be a good idea for Nintendo to stay out of third party games, as often Nintendo games are better selling and have a re playability . Nintendo games also are a lot more family incorporated, and children have come to think of them as boring or “uncool”. I’m 13 and I love Nintendo, and would never play some of the rubbish titles that come out on the PlayStation 3, such as call of duty. These games have been over-publicised and have created fan-boys who only care about graphics and the on line playability. The selling points of a game should be it’s storyline, it’s innovations and the new ways it uses the hardware, not graphics and on line playability. I’ve always loved Nintendo, and to be honest they could have stopped some of them because the quality wasn’t good enough for Nintendo’s standards. If this is the case I think they have made a good choice and should stay true to the ideals of Ninetndo.

    • Anonymous

      You’re 13?!!! Congrats, you’re the wisest, most well-spoken 13 year-old on the internet.

      • George Kingsley-Moore

        Thank you! Most of my so-called friends call me and idiot for liking Nintendo but I know they’re wrong! All they do in life is sit around playing the new call of duty that is supposedly SO much better than the last one, instead of playing games that are suitable for a young mind; the age rating is there for a reason you know! P.S. I go to private school on a 100% bursary, which is why I’m well spoken!

        • Anonymous

          You aren’t an idiot for liking Nintendo, but you are an idiot for thinking that NIntendo hasn’t had a history with 3rd party developers. But I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt as you are 13 and didn’t grow up with a NES, SNES or N64. Heck even the Gamecube had tons of 3rd party games that ended up quite successful (e.g. Resident Evil 4).

    • Jordan

      Wow dude us two would be the ideal friends. I’m 14 years, also go to a private school, and just love Nintendo. My ”so-called” friends also live and breathe COD and Borderlands, and they all think I’m some kind of baby for be a Ninty fan! As an anonymous guy mentioned before me however, I do oppose your idea of Nintendo’s lack of 3rd party support throughout the years. Even the Wii has been blessed with these games (ex. Okami, Epic Mickey, Boom Blox), so it is a little inaccurate what you just said there. But even so, your one of the few but pure Big N fans so I automatically like you :P When I read your paragraph, I was shocked at how many things we share in common :O Amazing !

    • Terryacer

      Nintendo hasn’t had any history with third party developers?? What about: Capcom, Square enix, konami, Rare and many others??? Do some reasearch before you start posting comments about stuff that you obviously know nothing about.

      • George Kingsley-Moore

        I’m sorry, I meant to say that they haven’t had AS much third party support as other developers, and I do acknowledge that they have had third party support in the past.

      • MummRaGoa

        I thought that a fair amount of (good) games on the nintendo system where made by so called ” second party ” developers ( like HAL laboratories , old RARE etc. ) who are almost exclusively to Nintendo.

  • Justin Link Eddy

    I honestly think that whoever wrote this seems to think that publishers are either lazy or just need more time to support the Wii U as it came out about 3 months ago. Seriously people, GIVE IT TIME! Nintendo will get the support it needs!

    • Alex Plant

      PS3 had strong support from publishers throughout ALL of 2007. Time isn’t the factor.

      • Justin Link Eddy

        Yes, but it seemed to struggle at first due to the ridiculous high price fo “599 U.S. Dollars” when it first came out. The Nintendo Wii did well, but it doesn’t make the Wii U look any different. As far as I can remember, the Wii also had its own struggles. Besides all this, Nintendo is a FIRST PARTY game company, which means they are very original. Think about what I’m saying.

      • Terrak

        They had full support because the ps2 had all the support in the previous generation. They assumed the ps3 would sell as well as the ps2. Obviously they didnt know it wouldnt (sell like the ps2) but it was too late they had already locked in to the ps3. Regardless the ps3 must of been profitable for them.

  • Kallum Nom Nom Smart

    Seriously give Nintendo time. Just announced all these games and we wont get them for months and months so expect low sales until a big game is out -_-. Jesus some people are so impatient.

  • Truth

    So they’re basically expecting a console that’s only been out for a few months to sell as many games as the Xbox 360 or PS3, which have been around for 7 years, has.

    logic fail

  • blah

    If it was assasin’s creed it was only top rated because of the previous installments. Overall that game was TERRIBLE. It’s not the systems fault that they seriously dropped the ball with their latest installment.

    • Colin Unger

      Plus that game has sold well over 100,000 so it can’t be the game mentioned.

    • Alex Plant

      Agreed. If the editor who’d intended to review it doesn’t get on it soon, I will, and it won’t be pretty.

      All in all I’m still glad I bought it – it was an amusing experience nonetheless – but man, I was not terribly impressed.

  • Colin Unger

    Any of the game that were top caliber and weren’t titles released a long time ago on other systems sold 100,000 units plus. This is complete bullshit.

  • Colin Unger

    Anyone who expected a lazy launch port to sell millions is an idiot. That wouldn’t work on any new platform.

  • Gilbert Warner

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a gamer, it’s never, EVER count Nintendo out. The best experiences I’ve had are always on Nintendo consoles, and I think you’ll find that true for most gamers who’ve been blessed to have more than one console at a time. There’s a reason Nintendo’s fanbase is so loyal, even for it’s faults, Nintendo continually provides a fun experience.
    Nintendo does what it does so well that Sony has even blatantly copied them.
    (Note: I’m not trying to say “shame on Sony” or anything like that, I’m not mad about them copying Nintendo. It’s just a simple fact that they did and made no effort to hide it.)
    Mod Nation Racers? Move? Playstation All-Stars? Each one a Sonyfied version of a Nintendo product.
    And to be fair, Sony is only in this market thanks to Nintendo.

  • Aquarhane

    To anyone who thinks this console will fail you are dead wrong.

  • Primus

    I wonder why these developers hold double standards against Nintendo Systems?

  • Blake Wigert

    Do you imagine third-parties would see more support from Nintendo customers if they gave more support to Nintendo systems? Hmmmm let’s see, give us, Nintendo fans the same exact game as on the other 2 competing systems, example being not watered down not missing parts of the game not replacing parts of the game, not graphically limited, just give us the same game and then yes 3rd parties would see more support from us Nintendo fans or at least from me, as long as they don’t pull and Ubisoft move.

    • Blake Wigert

      This news truly makes me more depressed than I am normally, I mean it seems like they’re cancelling on Nintendo to fit in with the crowd or something, “Hey everyone else is pulling support so why don’t we?” Complete BS

  • cheito

    WiiU is D.O.A.

    • Kyle “rigs” Wrigley

      While the wii u isn’t dead yet, its certainly shown up to the party 2 hours early, tripped on the rug, hit its head on the coffee table, and made us wonder why we invited it into our homes in the first place.