GamePad Replacement

Report: Wii U GamePad Costs $140 to Replace

GenGAME’s Alex Plant has voiced his opinion in the past that the Wii U is too expensive, and we know that a large portion of that $300 price tag is devoted to the fancy, new Wii U GamePad. As it turns out, the GamePad might cost more than you think. According to a NeoGAF user who was recently forced to seek a replacement GamePad thanks to Delta Air Lines losing his luggage, by the time you toss in shipping and tax, a replacement GamePad will cost you over $150.

As explained by NeoGAF user “nbthedude,” the base charge for a new Wii U GamePad is $140. With tax and shipping, that number escalates further, likely costing you more than half the price of the system itself.

So Delta lost my luggage last month and with it my Wii U power supply, sensor bar, and Wii Pad. I waited on placing a replacement order in hopes that they would find it. They did not.

So today I called Nintendo to order a replacement. I had read online that replacement gamepads were around $80. This apparently is incorrect. The amount Nintendo is billing my card is $150+ shipping. Since this is a direct from manufacturer replacement price and not something you can order from them normally via their store, I figure they are not trying to price gouche (at least, I hope they aren’t). So I thought this was interesting info to pass along.

Manufacturing prices go down over time, and this price is the replacement price (not necessarily equivalent to the future in-store price), but this doesn’t bode well for future mutliplayer games. Nintendo is aiming to make additional GamePads available later this year, designing games that will make use of multiple GamePads. How high will the price be to get the full multiplayer experience?

Source: NeoGAF via Wii U Daily