Resident Evil Producer: Next Gen Developers Should Focus on Gameplay, Graphics Just a Bonus

A few months back, former Global Head of Capcom and Resident Evil producer Keiji Inafune made the statement that graphics aren’t as important to a game as emotion. Apparently Resident Evil developers think alike, as Masachika Kawata, producer of Resident Evil: Revelations, has also downplayed the graphics aspect of game design in a recent interview. Heading in to the next generation, Kawata feels that developers need to truly focus on gameplay, with impressive graphic just sweetening the deal.

In an interview with VideoGamer, Kawata discussed how an increased focus on graphics in the current generation led to problems for the Resident Evil franchise.

When we developed Resident Evil 5, it was the first one for the then next-generation. Given that we were going to those consoles for the first time, looking back we probably focused too much on the technical aspects of the game. [Because of] the graphics, for example, that were mind-blowing at the time, the game design might have fallen by the wayside a bit.

Then perhaps for Resident Evil 6, trying to come back from that, the game systems were revised and improved, but it clearly wasn’t enough for fans.

According to Kawata, the idea of a graphics-driven gaming market isn’t necessary, as gamers care more about content.

Gamers like games, and they like games with the content of something that they want to enjoy and they want to play. That’s never going to change no matter how good the hardware gets.

Really it’s just important for everyone who’s developing for the next generation to focus on the games themselves and the gameplay, and let the additional graphics power and stuff be an amazing bonus.

While Kawata noted that the upcoming consoles are “great hardware,” he implied that it might be some time before Capcom stops developing for the current generation and switches their focus to the next.

Just because a new console is released doesn’t mean that it’s a sound business decision for us to rush to move everything we’re doing over to those consoles. There’s still some life in the current generation, and there’s still some time. Obviously, they’re not out yet, but there isn’t even a firm release date for those consoles, it’s all industry rumours at the minute.

But even when they do come out, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be a while in which it makes more sense to put further games out on the current generation.

How important are graphics to you in the grand scheme of the next generation? Do you agree with Kawata’s assessment that there is still life to be had from the current generation? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Video Gamer