Return of the Retro: Pokémon Snap

The release of next-generation hardware is the perfect time to bring back old franchises and resurrect forgotten titles of the past. With the ever promising possibilities in store for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, everyone has considered what games they’d like to be released on the latest generation of Nintendo hardware, whether it be new IP or old.

With the recent announcement of a new Yoshi game for the Wii U, these thoughts were once again brought to the forefront; if a game franchise that hasn’t seen a title since 1997 can make a reappearance sixteen years later, what other games will make their comebacks?

One of the games that came to mind the other day, no doubt in light of the recent buzz surrounding Pokémon X & Y, was Pokémon Snap.

Back in 1999, ten-year old me, thought Pokémon Snap was the greatest. It was a game that possessed a unique game mechanic with levels that offered a variety of challenges thanks to the time-limit rail system, hidden secrets, having to unlock additional Pokémon in a level by forcing them to evolve, and more. In addition, I was just really good at this game; I could snap a photo of Mew like none other.

In Nintendo’s generation of duel screens and gyroscope technology, Pokémon Snap would be a perfect choice to revitalize. We’ve already seen games like Spirit Camera use the 3DS as a movable camera within a 3D environment, so there is precedent to use a similar set-up with Pokémon Snap, though hopefully it will be better executed than the Fatal Frame spin-off. As for the Wii U, there’s no reason not to try a camera mechanic using the GamePad.

Additionally, there was only ever one Pokémon Snap title, and it only contained the original 151 lineup of Pokémon. Today there are over 600 different Pokemon, meaning tons of unexplored territory for the game’s potential developers.

Finally, modern online gaming and social connectivity would allow players to share their photos with fellow gamers through such outlets as the Miiverse. Back in the 90s, you could go to a Blockbuster where one would find a special machine to print out stickers of your in-game photos, so the idea of sharing photos with other Pokémon fans did exist back when the game was first released; the idea of sharing over the internet today is simply a more practical one and a natural evolutionary step for the franchise if a sequel were to be made.

But perhaps I am alone in my strong feelings for Pokémon Snap. Who else would like to see this title return for the the 3DS and/or Wii U?