Rockstar Won’t Confirm Anything Regarding Grand Theft Auto V on PC or Wii U

There’ve been a number of multi-platform titles that have been flat-out confirmed not to be coming to Wii U – BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider, etc. – but one seriously major game hasn’t been confirmed either way yet: Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V. And, even with the game’s final release date for PS3 and Xbox 360 set in stone for September 17, that lack of confirmation still hasn’t changed.

According to GameSpot, Rockstar’s official response to inquiries is still something along the lines of “there’s nothing new” to say on the subject of a Wii U or PC release. I’m a little curious whether this could suggest a cross-generation release on all HD platforms, both current-gen and next-gen.

Source: @GameSpot on Twitter via My Nintendo News