RUMOR: 130 New Pokémon in X and Y, Talk to Your Pokémon With “3DS Technology”

New details have emerged for Pokémon X and Y in the form of a leak by someone who claims to work for the North American branch of the Pokémon Company as part of the localization team. The source claims that his job is to proof read text blurbs that may appear on the 3DS packaging, and while most of what he has seen is a generic advertisement for the game, his quotes reveal a few new details.

The source emphasized that, as he does not have any part in the game’s development, he is unable to answer questions. However, the small bit of text he provided is interesting by itself.

Discover the immense and expansive region of [rgn] as you set sail on a brand new Pokemon[cprt] adventure! As you make your way on your journey through new and exciting landscapes with your Pokemon[cprt] companions by your side, you soon realize that not everything is quite what it seems. Who knows what people you will meet, and what mysteries you will discover in Pokemon[cprt] [x1][y1]? Which path will you take?

Grow your bonds with your Pokemon[cprt] stronger than ever before as you talk to them using Nintendo 3DS[cprt] technology.

  • Over 130 brand new Pokemon[cprt] to meet and befriend! Discover exciting new forms and evolutions of your old friends.
  • Wonder through flourishing cities, quaint towns, and mysterious environments in rich, 3D graphics.
  • Have fun and make new friends around the world with Pokemon Connect[cprt]

We know that Pokémon X and Y will bring the total number of Pokémon to over 700, up from the current 649. According to this source, X and Y will add in at least 130 more. Also interesting is that you will apparently be able to talk to your Pokémon through the 3DS mic. What purpose this will serve is unknown.

These rumors are simple and realistic enough to be believable, but as always, take rumors with a grain of salt. What new features would you like to see in Pokémon X and Y?

Source: Leviathyn