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RUMOR: Impressive Colonial Marines Footage Was From the Wii U Version

The controversial topic of Aliens: Colonial Marines has just taken an interesting turn. Most of the anger from consumers stems from the fact that the game itself has significantly less impressive graphics than previously released demos and trailers, yet Gearbox Software’s Randy Pitchford says he wasn’t lying when he referred to the videos as actual game footage.

According to one report, Pitchford may be telling the truth; the footage is an actual representation of the game…on the Wii U. The version of the the game that is currently available is rumored to have been largely outsourced and rushed to meet deadlines, but the Wii U version (which is still in development) has not suffered the same fate, and will be the definitive version of the game.

Randy Pitchford has stated multiple times in the past that the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines will be the best version of the game, particularly in the graphics department. If these recent rumors are correct, this is because the Wii U version has not gone through the same kind of development hell as the current, poorly-received rendition.

So far I think everyones in on this thing (fiasco) and not just by association but circumstance as well as a hell of alot of mis-communication.

From what I can gather this project has gone through that many restarts since it was announced its not funny – we all know this right?

However, what alot of people don’t identify (again because of general concensus) is that the Wii U version (still very much on the way), done exclusively by Demiurge studio’s, is the big version; the joint venture was banking on.

I know what you’re thinkin right? “WTF!?, how stupid, no ones adopting the Wii U, what were they thinking?” and you’d be right if it wasn’t for the fact that SEGA’s industry analysis favoured the U version, in fact the entire joint venture did.
This is because that version ports to the new consoles by Sony & MS (in the future) and thus has the tightest longevity of the product. Instead of a few months in the dying period of current gen systems, they favour a product that will last (potentally) 2-3yrs and allow for sequals.

Moving on, alot if not all the pre-production of the title was handled by Demiurge studio’s before they went onto work exclusively on the Wii U version from the ground up.

Post-production was then handed to Timegate studio’s and Nerve software; whilst Gearbox software completed Borderlands 2. Once assets there were completed Gearbox software retook up post-production to release candidacy of the campaign (sp or story, if you like) finalising with Fox and SEGA over the final shape of the product; and Timegate studio’s finalised thier assets for the multi-player/co-op campaign with Nerve software (if I’m not mistaken). Which I think is where everyones getting confused. Timegate studio’s finished thier work a coupla months back if I’m not mistaken?

Now heres where I have a hunch something behind the scenes went ass-up. Purely speculation of course – and the media is in on it in this scenario (boy I just won alot of cred. there..).

Somewhere around the time Timegate studio’s finished the PS3/360 version was canned. The last trailer released by Gearbox Software was the ‘Kick-Ass Trailer’ – this is actually Demiurge studio’s Wii U trailer. I believe that was shortly before the big 2hr IGN reveal, shortly before launch – which again, was the PC version – and why I believe SEGA canned the PS3/360 versions at this time; and the media knew about it.

During this time SEGA must’ve had a change of heart, possibly due to Wii U adoption looking less progressive (which the joint venture was banking on); and asked Gearbox Software to resurrect those versions at the 11th hour.
Now I know people aren’t ready to write off thier current consoles just yet, but from a buisiness perspective – not sinking money into the dying moments of the end of a system generation is a sane call.

So you might ask, “Why then was the PC version not en par with the IGN reveal either?” because its been dumbed down to maintain parity with the console releases. Its actually still quite alot better, the console releases were pretty ordinary.
In the next couple of weeks the Wii U version, the one with the greatest longevity, will be released; I suspect in all my speculation, you will see a magic patch that will bring the PC version up to date, if not surpassing the IGN reveal everyone was watching.

If this report turns out to be true, there may be more than just a few angry Sony and Microsoft fans. The endless development cycle that culminated in a subpar product leaves the reminds us of the bad taste Duke Nukem Forever left in our mouths, but this time around there may actually be a higher quality version of the game. The Wii U version is currently still slated for “launch window,” which puts its release sometime between now and March 31.

Source: TimeGate Forums via NeoGAF