Rumor: PS4 Due November Starting at $429, Includes Spectator Feature, Subscription-Based Online

We’re just one day away from the reveal of the PlayStation 4 at Sony’s PlayStation 2013 event, but all of the major details may have leaked a little early. A new set of rumors has just surfaced from the same source that revealed the code names “Orbis” and “Durango” for Sony and Microsoft’s next generation consoles covering the release window, price point, and new features of the for the PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 4 is set to debut with two different models. Price point is not final, and likely will not be revealed at PlayStation 2013, but Sony is currently looking at $429 and $529. The official numbers are expected to be revealed at E3 in June.

In addition to including a new controller that utilizes a touch pad, the PlayStation 4 will also feature a SmartGlass-esque setup, allowing you to control the console from your smartphone or tablet. You will also be able to use smart devices to chat with your PlaySation 4 friends and purchase games. With the simple touch of a button on your mobile device, the games will instantly begin to download on your PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 4 will ditch PlayStation Plus in favor of a new online setup called “PlayStation World.” Most of the system’s online features will require a premium subscription to use, much like Xbox Live. It is unknown if this is related to PlayStation Cloud.

Every PlayStation 4 will come bundled with something called a “PlayStation Eye,” which is likely the rumored dual camera, offering a Kinect-like functionality. The system will also include a new spectating feature, allowing you to watch friends play games from your console’s dashboard, even when you don’t own the game they’re playing. Additionally, a new user account system will allow multiple people to log into the same system simultaneously, and the console will support local network play via Vita.

The recently-surfaced controller prototypes that we’ve seen are believed to be legitimate, whereas the previous reports of a controller that feature a “Share” button may not be. It’s possible that the option to record and upload gameplay footage still exists as function of the all-purpose PlayStation button, but no unique Share button is anywhere to be seen.

Source: Kotaku