See How Donkey Kong Country Returns Translates to the Small Screen

One of the things I was really anxious about when Nintendo announced Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D during today’s Nintendo Direct was how the game would translate over to the smaller 3DS screen. Fortunately, I was worrying for nothing: the game’s a bit more jagged due to the lower resolution, but seems to have survived the transition mostly intact.

It’s not the visual marvel that the original game was – even for a Nintendo handheld game – unless of course you count the fact that a Wii game actually can work on 3DS in the first place. I’m not sure how keen I am about the idea of bringing console games over to the portable – at least, it doesn’t seem like a sufficient replacement for games actually designed from the ground up for 3DS – but the game looks pretty nice, and the 3D visuals are a nice fit with the game’s strong environments.

Hop inside for the screenshots.

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  • Clem

    I wish that this was more like the old Donkey Kong Land games where they followed the same themes as the “Country” equivalents but were filled with all-new content. I’m disappointed that this game appears to be the exact same game as the Wii U version but what the heck, I’ll still get it.

  • Erimgard

    Looks pretty good.
    Would have preferred a sequel though.

  • K2L

    Would have liked a sequel. badly.
    I already have the Wii version, complete at 200%. No reason to get the 3DS version.