Special Event: Wind Waker 100% Live (Part 1)

With the announcement of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker receiving an HD remake, I thought it would be fitting to sit down and play one of my most favorite games for the Gamecube on our TwitchTV live channel. This special live-streamed event will take place over the next couple of months; every Sunday at 6pm eastern time. The goal is to complete the game in it’s entirety with a 100% collection rate including Treasure Charts, Sunken Treasure, Optional Items, Heart Pieces, and the massive Nintendo Gallery. The task I am to perform is indeed quite monstrous, and could take quite a while, but lucky for me, I have a checklist and basic route planned to keep me on track. Good news for you, you now have an excellent reason to watch our channel week after week.

We look forward to seeing you live. Check it this post after the jump for the checklist and live-stream embed.

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Check out our official channel HERE.

100% Checklist from Google Drive

In case you missed us last night, you can watch again next Sunday, March 3rd, at 6pm eastern time. You can also check out other events we have planned on our schedule.