Speculating On New Pokémon Sylveon’s Type

What did Valentine’s Day bring you this year? A truck load of chocolates? A garden of roses? A Greek God or Goddess? Those all sound good but they’re no Pokémon, are they? Yes, as you may all well know, a new Pokémon was officially revealed on the 14th of February, and brought with it a lot of rumour and speculation. But this isn’t about the unveiling of the new critter Sylveon.

No, I’m more interested in the speculation revolving around what Type – or possibly Types – this new ‘Mon could be.

A few ideas and guesses have been thrown on the debating table. The most plausible being Flying, Normal and Dragon. I mean Dragon would be awesome, but I doubt it is the case, due to it having no dragon-like qualities at all in its design. Normal, possibly, but why have an “Eeveelution” as a Normal type when Eevee is Normal to begin with? Kind of defeats the object, in my opinion. Flying seems to be the most reasonable idea, I believe, but then again it hasn’t got any wings or feathers to portray an animal that can fly. But to be fair, neither has Gyarados.

There is one point I have seen been made, and I have to say, it really is the only real solid indication we have. If you look at the image below, which is an official image from Nintendo, you will notice how each “Eeveelution” is directly facing another one. Now observe a little bit more and you should notice that each Pokemon opposite has a weakness to its “partner” e.g. Vaporeon being Water type is weak against Leafeon which is a Grass. Flareon being Fire is Super effective against Glaceon who is an Ice Type. And Umbreon against Espeon because… well, I think you get the picture by now.


Now, if this is a deliberate placement of the Pokemon then surely Jolteon and Sylveon are related in the same way, but who is the weaker character? Well, for the Electric to to be the weaker side that would mean Sylveon has to be a Rock or Ground Type, and from its design it’s highly doubtful that is the case, which leaves Jolteon as the stronger element. With this, the other side would have to be Water or Flying but Vaporeon already wears the crown of water, so that leaves only one possibility for the new Pokemon.

If this theory is definitely true, then Sylveon’s Type mystery is solved – It has to be a Flying ‘Mon. There is also another theory that supports this idea – The word “Sylph” in English, Italian and Spanish actually refers to an imaginary race of beings who dwell in the air. The French name for Sylveon is Nymphia, and that relates to the winged fairy-like creatures named Nymphs. One last piece of possible evidence is Sylveon’s actual weight being lower than all the other evolutions of Eevee. Although, that last one could just be coincidence.

So all evidence points to the sky with this debate but speculation will continue to flow until Nintendo officially confirm it as Flying. Personally, I think a Dragon would kick ass more than Flying but what would your dream Eeveelution Type be if it doesn’t already exist?

  • Daniel Dictator Hartzell

    I bet they’ll add two new types, Love and Hate. That one will be a love/psychic type.

    • Skyfolk

      This is by far the worst speculation I have ever seen.

      • Thebradski

        Maybe not, some Pokemon evolve when they reach a certain happiness and being announced on valentines day

        • Skyfolk

          I never said happiness evolutions were bad, but Love and Hate types? Seriously? gamefreak isn’t run by 4-year-olds.

  • Cesar Infante

    A ghost type

    • Jade Crytalia

      I also believe it is a ghost type. ^.^

  • tuffawear

    I still say us one if the 2 new types

    • Sreyesh Satpathy

      There’s no reason to add new types, and there are plenty of type combinations that have gone untried.

      Specifically, Steel and Dark were added to balance the game, as errors in the original game’s coding left psychic with a weakness to only bug, which generally has weak pokemon. Psychic was too broken at the time.

      • Alex Plant

        No reason? Not even for new content’s sake?

      • aj

        psychic was also weak against ghost… lick was super effective.

        • Kelly Lacourse

          Yes, but due to an error ghost had no effect on psychic in the original game.

      • Markus Reksten

        “to balance the game” that is why they should add a light(english name)/holy(japanese name) type to add a counter part to dark/evil type.

  • Steven Santerre

    I noticed you said that Sylveon could be the stronger type of the two and followed up with “Water or Flying” Water is weak to electricity, not the other way around. Not a big deal, but it was a little bit inconsistent there.

    • Dean

      Read again – “…which leaves JOLTEON as the stronger element. With this, the other side would have to be Water or Flying but Vaporeon already wears the crown of water…”. This is in regards to Jolteon obviously being the stronger type of the two. I didn’t mention Sylveon at all in those two sentences, or around them. There is no comment regarding Sylveon being stronger there either.

      • Dean

        Just to clear up, dude :)

      • Steven Santerre


    • Alex Plant

      To put it simply, first he lists the two types Sylveon would need to be to have an advantage against Jolteon, then he says that since Sylveon is clearly neither of those, then Jolteon must be the one with the advantage, and lists the two possible types.

      • DeanStevens1

        I stand corrected on that point lol

      • Steven Santerre

        Yeah you’re right about that. I didn’t even realize Rock wasn’t resistant to Electric until Ruby/Sapphire came out :P

        • Alex Plant

          I blame the anime.

          • DeanStevens1

            I just swear I could never beat Geodude with my Pikachu in Yellow lol

            • Steven Santerre

              Geodude is half ground that’s why :P

            • aj

              used a lvl. 15 pikachu with double team, tail whip, quick attack, and thundershock.

  • Gabriel Gomez

    Maybe it ironically turns into a normal normal type. Other than that, I say its a flying bug type because its bows looks like butterflies.

  • Steven Santerre

    I have a feeling that if Sylveon isn’t a new type it’ll be Normal and evolve based on the friendship between the trainer and the Pokemon similar to Togepi.

    Or it’s flying. That is a possibility. I just feel like a Flying Eevee should have wings.

    • theneslink

      Friendship at Day = Espeon, at Night = Umbreon. How the hell would that work?

      • Steven Santerre

        Maybe by holding an item or having certain Cuteness/Beauty factors. idk

    • Amber Goldsmith

      I agree, a Flying Eevevolution should have wings. Same for a Dragon type Eeevolution.

    • Lucariburn

      “I have a feeling that if Sylveon isn’t a new type it’ll be a Normal and evolve based on the friendship between the trainer and the Pokemon similar to Togepi.” No. That takes off the whole point of eeveelution. It becomes fully evolved with a special way. Gen 1, stone. Gen 2, happiness. Gen 4, the giant rocks. I know you might think this post is weird but Sylveon is fully evolved. It does not need an evolution. But I agree with the last part. It is actually most reasonable to me, (i.e: Bows, Big eyes that look like goggles, weather vane-like ribbons).

      • Steven Santerre

        I wasn’t saying Sylveon was going to evolve, I was saying how Eevee would evolve into Sylveon.

  • awsomeMrlink

    Hey, did you read one of my youtube comments, I speculated the same thing about one being super effective against the other xD? However I have a new theory since of this one simple thing, we’ve only had 2 pure flying pokemon, Arceus (Flying plate) and one of the legendaries from Black and White (Forgot it’s name lol). So, it may be either the 3rd pure flying or the first dual type Eeveloution, normal and flying. These are my thoughts on the matter.

  • Joe Schmo

    Disregarding the picture with the weaknesses being across from each other, it could be a poison type. The top picture shows, or at least on my monitor, Sylveon being pink. The way most people see poison is as a purple. Yes pink is not purple but it is close enough. When a person dies their body becomes a blueish-gray color. Although gray doesn’t appear in the picture, blue does. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe the body becomes blue from the parts of the body furthest from the heart first, then gets closer to the normal color of person, the closer you get to the heart because oxygenated blood lies there. The author of this article brings up a good point with the nymph part but I also believe nymphs came in different types like water, plant, and land. As discussed, it doesn’t look like a ground type and is probably not going to be water or grass because eevee already has those evolutions. Also a coincidence but most poisons only need to be taken in small doses so that might be why it is so light. I know my argument is weak but I stick to it.

    • aj

      it may very well be as eevee evolves to its habitats usually. it maybe pokemon putting a stand on pollution. poor eevee living in filth.

  • OgrumblesO

    I say its most likely flying type. Most of the evidence points that way, and it has streamers!! It doesnt have wings but Shaymin manged to fly with those rediculous ears so who cares! I hope they dont add any new types, It would unbalance the whole metagame without serious juggling to the series!!
    If its not broken dont fix it!

  • RestlessPoon

    My guess is there’s still one Eeveelution left. They’ve never just added one, though this could of course be the exception.

  • Riley Hayman

    If Sylveon’s name is derived from “sylph” that would mean they arbitrarily added the extra ‘v’; something that no other Eeveelution has. I think it’s much more likely the name comes from “sylvan” and is associated the forest. So I think it’s probably a bug type.

  • Lightproud

    after seeing one of the Slyveon trailers of it fighting Hariyama it lead me to the decision that it is a Dragon/Flying type. As i don’t know of many flying attacks that look like that, but there are a few examles of dragon attacks: Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rage etc

    • Nigga Sausage

      One or the other I doubt the addition of a two type eeveelution, especially this generation.
      Not that it wouldn’t be cool

  • disqus_lwrJn2n5TR

    Anyone notice how we have a dark type but no light type? I’m gonna guess light type

    • Erimgard

      That’s because it’s only Dark Type because of translations/localizing. In Japan it’s Evil Type.

      • Alex Plant

        And fighting is “Hero”-type.

        • Erimgard

          This one I didn’t know.

        • Gray

          Afraid not. The Japanese word for the type is “Kakuto”, which directly translates to “Fight”.

          However, Psychic-type is Esper-type in Japan. I believe that’s the only one, aside from Dark (Evil), that’s actually different. Fire is Flame, which is basically the same thing, so I don’t count it.

    • Bek

      I believe light as well. The types light and sound has been rumored and it would make sense as lightning always comes before thunder hence maybe stronger against electric types.

    • Rico

      Light Type already exists. Its called Normal

      • Jonathan Ellis

        That and every other type besides Dark

    • Linkfan99

      I’m not a Pokemon fan, but I do know this: there is no “light” type Pokemon. Unless it’s an upcoming type.

      • [email protected]

        I have heard speculation of light and sound types coming out. A recent episode of pokemon smash they hinted that sylveon will be weak againt poison but strong against ice. This combination is not seen in a single pokemon type and i doubt that it would be a dual type pokemon. Just a little bit of food for thought

    • Jared Duarte

      light type is Psychic Espeon

  • Jade Crytalia

    Okay, I think it’s a ghost type. Reasons behind this is that it’s eyes are huge and almost freakishly blue. Another thing I’ve learned from constant watching of Ghost shows such as Ghost Adventures is that demons like to take the form of innocent creatures, like children. So, wouldn’t make sense that a big, scary ghost is hiding behind those huge, innocent looking eyes?

    • Gray

      Based on naming alone, if there were to be a Ghost-type Eevee, I’d expect it’s name to be Spectreon. Not Sylveon, which is pretty much a nod to Sylph, as was mentioned in the post. Considering how every Pokemon has had it’s name directly reference it’s type, it’s unlikely that they’ll change it suddenly just for this one.

    • Jonathan Ellis

      If it were a ghost type then why doesn’t it look oh I don’t know…DEAD. Why isn’t it covered in chains, rags, stitches, even tire tracks (road kill). I’m sorry but Ghost is the least most likely, I mean Bug is a better answer and that’s not even it. Your reasoning, it’s ok, but how about not going off of “Ghost Adventures” and going off on how Pokemon designs their Ghost types

      • Fuzzypaw

        It’s pokemon. Even the ghosts are cute.

      • Drew Denham

        i think ghost is a viable option seeing as how Sylph is the “spirit” of the wind. however i’m less inclined to believe ghost based on MOST of the ghost type and all the pure ghost type are colored purple in some way, but so are poison which makes me think they wouldn’t make the ghost type eevee purple in case the want to make a poison type eevee. i for one am glad to see another eevolution seeing as how they slacked off in the last generation!

    • Alex Suppinger

      I agree with you because if you at Silph Co., their name sounds and looks just like the beginning of Sylveon. Sylv-Silph…close, not perfect but close. Silph Co. is famous for the Silph Scope, allowing you to identify ghost types. So it’s very possible Sylveon is a ghost type for a similar naming. Otherwise, based on the logic in the article, Silph is most likely also derived from the word nymph rather than just “an imaginary race of beings who dwell in the air”, then Silph Co. could be considered a company known for it’s Flying items. Of which they have none. This “imaginary race” could simply be ghosts. Ghosts float, they are imaginary, and where else would you say they actually live, other than the air? Flying is a good guess, but in my opinion it’s second to Ghost-type.

      • Pokefan

        Oh come on! Just because there is a company named Silph Co. Does not mean Sylveon is Ghost type! I personaly think it is Flying type.

    • Seth

      Well, if eyes were what decided type, take a look at Audino. It’s got almost the exact same color scheme and still has relatively large blue eyes.

    • Becky Ponsetto

      kinda creeped me out with that logic, and now that you pointed that out… it seems logical… now I am scared of Sylvion…..

  • Bek

    I believe its a light. The types light and sound has been rumored and it would make sense as lightning always comes before thunder hence maybe stronger against electric types.

    • Miriam Reece

      ummm. One thing. Umbreon can use his glowing circles as a light source. And, wouldn’t lightning type be light type as well? I dunno. But there shouldn’t be any more types. I think there’s enough.

  • Christopher Colon

    For some reason I think it could be a new type or it can be a poison type. Reasons why i think its a poison type is because the eyes are huge and blue which looks like it should be on a poison type and the bows can be poison bows. Like points are blue too so it can poisonous. i dont know just an idea there. For the new type i think Light cause its French name has Nymph in it and a Nymph is a like a fairy and fairys are like pretty. So it can be a light type. Also fairys is group egg type like Jigglypuff and Chansey so I think all the fairy egg pokemon would be Light/Normal type. Which would be cool

    • aj

      then what about pikachu and shroomish????

  • Shona

    I think its a ghost because look at it it dont look like a flying because it has no wings ” unless it can change form” or rock an the only thing they dont got yet it ghost, rock, steel, flying ^.^

  • Shona

    I think its a ghost because look at it it dont look like a flying “unless it can chang form like rotom or or castform” or rock an the only thing they dont got yet it ghost, rock, steel, flying and dragon oh and i hope they make forms oa all of the types ^.^

  • Nigga Sausage

    Alright lets think realistically, no franchise running as long as this would change much, especially not in this game where they’ve already introduced a completely new form of graphical packaging for the game. That enough should give the gen 6 game the sales it’s looking for, this “Sylveon” may be hard to type, but the chance of a new type, is so fucking low, that it shouldn’t even be considered. If you look at Sylveon, and the evidence, everything is pointing to it being a flying type. Any bull shit story about what may lie under is worthless, the past eeveelutions have been painfully obviously related to their type. Unless an entire story arc revolves around this specific eeveelution, one of 8 I might add, this is a simple case of the Devs realized how hard it would be able to type it and decided to release peaks of it. Obviously buyers love typing, and a few extra sales might come from those to impatient for news to hit the internet. This is a flying type, no matter how you look at it.

  • Rico

    Sylveon is a Normal, Yes a Normal. I know its a little odd, but I believe that its just a stronger version of the original Evee. Think about it some trainer develop partys with pure Eve evolutions, and some people often have a Lv100 Evee and its stats are too low even as a lv100, they dont go up to par with its stronger evolved Eveevolutions. So I think that this is a manifestation of the Pokemon company giving those trainers a stronger form of an Evee, keeping it Normal but stronger. And as many of you know their when new evees are introduced by a new game, they are introduced in pairs, So what is the type opposite of Normal? GHOST. I really do think that they will introduced a Ghost type Evee in the game as well.

    My sources: Ive playing playing Pokemon since Blue and Red Came out ^_^

    • Akshat Saraf

      A smart guess, of suggesting sylveon to be normal type, as the latin word sylvia pertains to tranquility and wildlands. although, with its flowing body shape, it could very well be flying, or ghost.

    • disqus_5qE9eQNQHO

      well no sylveon cant be normal due to the fact evee starts as a normal type so whouldent it look just like evee

      • Edward

        Well, not necessarily so. There are evolutions out there with the adult form being of the same type as the junior form which looked different to it (politoed-poliwag, tyrogue and its 3 evolutions). Same type but different appearance can be accounted for by the special MEANS of evolution – perhaps eevee has to hold a special item to be Sylveon (pink scarf, ribbon)?. Sylveon can be Normal of course – just ‘cus the other 7 eeveelutions are non-Normal doesn’t mean Sylveon has to be non-Normal!

  • tungzten

    Only educated guesses matter at this point. My guesses for Sylveon’s type is bug, flying or normal. Eeveelution names have a lot to do with their names.

    <Bug-type reasons
    English/Italian/Spanish name: Sylveon – it has bug-like eyes, butterfly adornments, and its name derived from butterfly species "Euploea sylvester" that resemble the basic wing shape of Sylveon's bows.

    French name: Nymphali – "Nymphalidae," largest family of diurnal butterflies; also from Nymphalid butterflies.

    Japanese: Ninfia / Nymphia – Ninfa, a butterfly conservatory; Nymph, an insect larva.

    German: Feelinara – from German word "fee" meaning fairy (with bug-like wings such as butterflies); also derived from "Feelina," a German board game involving butterflies.

    theories about the word "sylvan" is a bit convincing because some bugs do live in forests and inside trees.

    <Flying-type reasons
    If Sylveon's concept is based on butterflies, then it could be flying-type because butterflies, uhm… fly. It has ribbons that wisps through the wind, which others say look like "streamers." Its design relates to the character design of gym leader Skyla. And maybe, just maybe, if it's flying-type, it could run through the wind. To be a flying-type–a pokemon does not always have to have wings. Dodrio, Rayquaza, Landorus, Drifblim and Gyarados do not have wings and yet they're flying-types (or part-flying).

    I know how a sylph is associated with air, but the "sylph" theory is a bit off to me based on the name Sylveon. the rootword is sylv, not sylph. the name is Sylveon, not Sylpheon. i think the name corruption is not that needed here.

    <Normal-type reasons
    Color scheme is similar to most normal-types. Two of attacks used in trailer (assumed Swift and Trump Card) are normal-type moves. Maybe it's about time we get a stronger normal-type eeveelution so it can match the base stats of its evolved cousins. Somehow, Sylveon reminds me of the normal-type Delcatty. heck, Delcatty could be an eeveelution based on its design (the ears, the fluff around the neck, the tail, the eyes, the sleek body and legs). just saying.

    not a Steel-type. are you kidding me? with that look? how the?
    not a Dragon-type. just look at it–dragon? how the?
    not a Ghost-type. ghostly eyes? oh c'mon. really? that's it?
    not a fighting-type. again, just look at it–how is that a fighting-type?
    not a poison-type. not even close. with that girly, ribbony, cute face–it can't be a poison-type.
    definitely not a Light-type. no need for a new type to disrupt the established metagame. Normal-types already encompass light- and sound-based characteristics.

    • Linkfan99


      • tungzten

        gosh. i got some really good research.

        • Linkfan99

          Um… I’m sorry, but I still fail to realize the meaning of the content of your comment…

  • tungzten

    the chart parallel weakness theory is too much. ever thought about this? the eeveelutions are based on their dex numbering… vaporeon, then jolteon, then flareon (gen 1). for gen 2, espeon first, then umbreon. you get the idea. doesn’t have to be about weaknesses.

    • Joshua Murphy

      Except that Leafeon (#470) and Glaceon (#471) are the wrong way around. Also, Jolteon is positioned higher up then both Vaporeon and Flareon, so if Sylveon is considered as the last Pokemon in this picture, Jolteon would have to be considered the first, (although I will admit the difference in height is less between Jolteon and Vaporeon/Flareon, then Sylveon and Glaceon/Leafeon)

      • Jonathan Ellis

        Sylveon is between Glaceon and Leafeon because Ice type (Glaceon) beats Flying type, and Flying type beats Grass type (Leafeon). It is also across from Jolteon because Electric type beats Flying type

      • Keri

        I believe sylveon is between them because, jolteon flareon and vaporeon were the first eeveelutions, then espeon and umbreon were added, then glaceon and leafeon were added, now sylveon

  • Gameguy64

    It’s a ??? type c’mon guys it’s not that hard to figure out Curse never heard of it?

    • Christopher Walden

      That would be seriously amazing. I would utterly applaud them for using ??? again. It would be completely fitting since this is pretty much the first Eevee that isn’t completely obvious at a glance.

  • Giantlobsterrobot

    The video posted on the Poke’mon website of Sylveon in action showed it using all normal type moves. Swift. Trump Card. (I believe) Extreme Speed. Those are all excellent moves and with a normal typing, Sylveon could easily be a viable option for competitive play instead of having to choose a new typing and lose out on the STAB bonuses. When it was just the image, I expected ghost or normal, but after seeing the video, it screams normal type.

    • aj

      extreme speed really???? it looked more like a cross between solar beam and fire blast

  • Radiant1phoenix

    Tbh it could be a ghost type but have different forms, the form we know of could be something like daydream form and its alternate form could be a nightmare form. Which would explain its eerie blue eyes and its innocent look

  • Silver Dragon

    what if slyveon is a fighting type pokemon?

  • Natalie Adam

    I think a brand new type is much more likely. I mean so far all of the eeveelutions have looked like their type. I mean we can basically rule out ground and rock. it doesn’t look like a ghost type at all or a flying type. Putting it simply, aside from normal, it doesn’t LOOK like any other typing. Let me explain, when glaceon and leafeon were released it was pretty obvious just by looking at them that they were gonna be ice and grass types right? Same with umbreon and espeon. However, the typing of this eeveelution is much less obvious. Now it COULD be a normal type, but if it was gonna be a normal type eeveelution I would think it would look more like eevee with a brown color scheme instead of suddenly becoming pink. As a result I honestly think it might be a brand new type. Which would be interesting because they haven’t introduced any new types since like gen 2.

  • Joce Gurr

    Poison type

  • Jack Danny Hall

    It could be possible to be either a light or a psychic type. An addition of a psychic “eeveelution” would be an excellent choice to make. But, as there is a new game arriving shortly, there is a strong possibility that an addition of a new type, light, would be interesting because there are new Pokemon arriving which could lead to a new type.

  • Nami

    My dream Eeveelotion would be a Fighteon or a Steeleon. I too would love to see a Drageon. As for my opinion on what type Sylveon is, I do belive that it is a Normal evolved form of Eevee. As all Eeveelution, there color represents there typing and there appearances are very distinctive. It seems to be more of a normal look due to being white and pink. BUT! It is very very possible and most likely the real type is flying. As all Eevee’s name corresponds with its typing (LEAFeon, GLACeon, ESPeon…) SYLVeon which is quite close to a Sylph, are mainly a flying specie but faeries are also very “normal” so it could be possible that its a Normal/Flying but i highly doubt that. Plus her eyes are a dead giveaway, its color of the sky and the tips of her streamers are alike. As for the people who think there will be two new types, i too, would love to see a new type…. But lets get real now pokefans; sound as a new typing? Please dont believe this or you will find yourself feeling stupid after buying Pokemon X & Y. They might as well put types like Gravity, Time, and all sorts of natures of life and space. But like i said, its kind of dumb. Now the only one i would agree with is “Light” but Japan would most likely call their new type “Holy” as there is already Ghosts and when it comes to Dark, well it just means darkness and evil hence UMBReon which is Umbra. But dont get to excited you hopeful pokefans, putting in two or even one new type is really game changing! Btw, since the tradition is always 2 Eevee’s and 1 Eevee defeats the other with the appropriate type, it is possible that the 2nd Eevee could most likely be a Ghosteon or maybe even a Rockeon and Fighteon.

  • wingsabre

    I assume it’s flying or bug type. Observe the bow on the head and neck, shaped like a butterfly.

  • Desco Nosido

    To me, this pokemon is between three types: Normal, Flying, and Ghost, but I think mainly between the first two.

    • Zeke

      I think it is normal flying type

  • disqus_wfG3LqkFsi

    Pilots wear those huge goggles. The eyes are huge….like goggles…

    It has parts that represent streamers.

    99.95 % sure it’s a flying. Anything else and it will look stupid.

    • Amber Goldsmith

      It could also be Bug-type. Those bows look an awful lot like butterflies.

  • zero432

    I believe it is a normal Eeveelution brought about by leveling up

    • Chicken+Turkey

      I for one believe you are ALL wrong. Its gotta be a steel type if anything else. after all its name is Sylveon, it has sylv in the first part of its name which may be a play off of silver, which steel is similar to. And if not, it would have to be a natural normal type evolution. Flying IS possible, but… i just don’t see how it would have a way to, well fly. As for the chart up there, its only natural when they placed the eeveelutions on the page that they would have some sort of type advantages/disadvantages when compared.

  • Kevin Medina

    It looks a bit like Skitty.

  • Zamers

    Sylveon, fairy, clefairy, normal type. It flows together, clefairy may have wings but it is normal type. Eevee’s other evaluations are induced by some sort of radiation, this eleven may be an untainted eeveelution.

  • Amber Goldsmith

    I would otherwise agree with Flying type, except that Sylveon doesn’t look like it can use Fly…Bounce, maybe, but not Fly, and Fly = true Flying Pokemon.

    • Simbeline

      But Gyarados can and it doesn’t have wings/look like it can fly.

  • Keri

    I think it will be a fighting type. That is all.

    • bloodwrath24

      I agree. Has anyone else noticed its similarities to Mienfoo and Mienshao?

  • Zeke

    Honestly I think that they will finally introduce a eevee evolution with two elements my guess is a normal flying type the whole sound and light element sound a little weird

    • Zeke

      In the trailer it shows its scarf like hair flying.also it has big eyes like a normal type and most cute pokemon are normal take igglypuff and its first form eevee I wouldn’t be surprised if they make a new evolution for the old eevee evolution.

  • caliburn

    Dude its a normal-type…..

  • Rafia

    It looks like a freaking kite. Has anyone else noticed this? Hello! It has bows and ribbons like the kites in cartoons. Which means its most likely flying. “Sylveon: The Kite Pokemon, and a evolution of Eevee”.

    • Lucariburn

      Flying is most reasonable. or Normal/Flying. (Most likely second one). I mean it doesn’t have to fly. I mean Mantike, Mantine, and Gyarados can’t learn fly, and on the other hand if it can learn fly, it makes sense cause Doduos can learn fly and they are kiwis with two heads! dragon is debatable but highly doubtful. Bug is another one that could go in. A new type, eh. Don’t think it will happen. I mean it is awesome but no. Dark type is evil not really an actual DARK type. And we already have a rainbow of types so why add light type? They only added
      Dark and Steel to balance out the overpowered types like Psychic. And someone here said love and hate type. That is already here! Dark and Normal or maybe Psychic. If anyone comments replies badly, I’m sorry for bursting your bubble but that is what I think.

  • dirtystylz

    I would have to say flying cuz its ribbons look like “skyla’s” ribbions n she is flying type.

  • Perry Kelley

    If I was going to speculate, I would say it evolves using a moonstone. That would make it normal type with properties similar to Clefairy. Just looking at it reminds me of all the other pink pokémon like Chansey, Jigglypuff, and Audino.

    • Markus Reksten

      it will not evolve with a freaking moon stone! the moon stone was introduced in generation 1 if it had any effect on Eevee Sylveon would have been introduced in generation 1 it will lightly evolve using an new bowlike item.

  • Miriam Reece

    It is probably a bug type if not a new type. Though it would be awesome as a flying type. Those ribbons fluttering would make quite a show and all coordinators would love it. It’s now my personal favorite pokemon. (because of the big blue eyes :b)

  • Bryce Browning

    I’m going with fairy type. Yes, a new type: fairy. nymph and syl- (I think mean forest sprites or something like that) The overly beautified creature could totally be based on a fairy. Other pokemon could change to fairy type like cleFairy and jigglypuff. Also, why not just tell us what the type is if it’s just flying or ghost or even normal? It just seems like all this hype would be for nothing if it wasn’t a new type.

  • Kelly Lacourse

    you can’t rule out Dragon type just because of the lack of draconic qualities, after all, Altaria is a dragon type, and it doesn’t lokk like any dragon I’ve ever seen.

    • Lia

      Altaria is based off of Chinese Mythology. It’s based off of a bird that’s been depicted as a dragon or dragon-like…but who knows.

  • Alichino

    I think there might be a new type revealed. And that new type will be…-drumroll-
    I mean, if there’s a ‘Dark’ type, why not a ‘Light’ type?
    Wouldn’t it be awesome if Yveltal was Dark-Flying while Xerneas was, say, Light-Grass?
    That way, there would be a Dark Eeveelution, and a Light one.

    • Alle

      Imo Xerneas would more likely fit as an Light/Steel pokemon because of its sword like legs.

  • Hale Tagata

    i strongly believe it’s a flying type cause of the laces. they wont float around for no reason right? a ghost type would kick ass but why name it close to how all video game characters with the wind attribute would be named if not being based on it’s type??? /what?/ and those bows look like butterflies to me. heeheehee. all the eeveelutions i hoped for have been made. well all except ghost though /i would name it plasmeon/ heehee.

  • Alle

    I think its a normal type, it would be the most obvious, or a light type which would keep the new type standard as eeveelutions have. In the terms of how it evolves i think it will be evolved by either a Moon Stone like Clefairy and Jigglypuff or that it evolves by having a high beauty condition as Milotic, though Eevee is already beautiful so it wont fit as good as Feebas.

  • ethanx

    its just serendipity that some of them are opposit each other and super effective on the wheel, its also going in pokedex number from generation:
    Gen 1 top three
    gen 2 middle 2
    gen 4 3rd tier
    sylveon bottom

  • Aaron Shull

    All i know that it is steel type by the blue tips of its ribbens, and its name sylveon from sylver (silver) but i would call steel, metal type.

  • student54

    It’s a Normal/Bug type people. Notice it’s huge buggy compound eyes, and the butterfly shaped bow tie, as well as the bright colours. It’s main colour is white which is a predominant Normal type colour. And they already added Espeon (psychic) and Umbreon (dark) so a normal/bug type will fit in with those two.

  • dunkleosteus

    With the name of the games being X and Y, sylveon being pink, covered in bows and ribbons and no discernable or obvious type, I think sylveon will be a normal type evolution of female eevee, and will recieve a corresponding male version to be released later

  • Jared Duarte

    i’m going with flying, rock, or ground being the fact that that person is wright the way they put them is one beats the opposite ,but there is also dragon ghost steel poison bug and fighting to consider

  • Guest

    myOriginalGuess: Normal or Nomal/Flying. Even Dodrio can use Fly.
    OtherGuesses: Ground, Poison
    If its NOrmal, for me, you can evolve it by max beauty, like feebas.
    If its based on speculation of the picture, maybe either Ground or Flying (Type advantage/disadvantage)
    Poison because based on the pokedex, eevee adapts to its environment, then eevee is probably living in a polluted area or something.
    I cant wait to see the pair of Sylveon, and try to figure out its
    Finally i would love to know if GameFreak is really introducing a new type ”light”? but that would mean it will be a sh*#load for them cos they will have to balance the game(type advantages).

  • disqus_KiBlihlWNo

    watch the video, it looks like someone either made magic type or its a fighting type

  • Tasha Byard

    For some reason I want to go with a Steel or Flying type. Or both. Sylveon just seems to match the 5th flying gym leaders outfit.. not sure where i’m going with this, but that’s my opinion. I also think steel because for some reason it’s just springing out at me.. almost a gut instinct..
    As for new types.. well they’ve been rumoured before to no avail. so why now? I’ve always thought that Light Type was normal (Flash being a normal move.. just a belief from childhood.)
    I completely dismiss the Ghost-Type idea, it just doesn’t look Ghost at all, but i guess anything is up for speculation isn’t it?

  • DizmIzm

    Normal would by far be the best type because it would get to keep Adaptability. That would be completely worth it.

    • DizmIzm

      well not necessarily because, but if it did that would be awesome

  • luis

    Oooook so it seems the mystery surrounding the new eevee is solved, a flying type not the most fesired evolution (i want a steel type!) but it work. So with that in mind any guesses as to what ability this freaky wingless flier might have? Since all eevees have great helpful abilities (outside of DreamWorlds tangeled feet n inner focus that is) I can see it having speed boost for some reason that or overcoat

  • LeDopeLouis

    If eeveelutions are released in pairs this could me that the other eeveelution could be a male looking one (since sylveon does look pretty girly)

  • someguy

    depending on pokemon, why have dark and not light?
    they probably going to make new types in this season
    sylveon is probably going to be light or one hell of a boring normal!

  • someguy

    or could be nature type
    (you never know?)

  • Tom

    There could be another eveelution that they don’t want us to know about yet so slide sylveon over one spot

  • Akshat Saraf

    Sylvia is Latin for tranquility or wildlands. These are often assiciated with normal types. Sylveon is probably a normal type, basically a multifold stronger version of Eevee.

  • Altair_420

    This is the 1st really bad eevee evolution. I like my idea more for a new one called Questeon, an eevee evolution with a random type each time it comes out to battle. (like the word ; question) except it would be quest-eon.

  • Loloa

    ****READ THIS IF YOU THINK ITS GHOST OR POISIN*****All the types I have herd like poison and ghost are very unlikely for these reasons poison we haven’t seen fangs on it mabe the tips of its bows but that’s probably and most likely not it ad ghost if it was that it would be the most adorable ghost every and aren’t ghost supost to be intimidating. With my final statement I think he could be flying even the he doesn’t have wings because well hay dont forget shaymin’s air form didn’t have wings and those bows just give me a feel of flowing through the breeze. And lastly with the new type idea with light and sound I’m thinking he would be light then

  • Corey buffum

    Rock isn’t strong against electric……..

  • Daniel Cratchley

    its going to be a bug type. if you type Sylve into google then go to wikipedia the meaning of sylveis forest/ trees and since we already have leafeon i.e. a grass type it means that the new eeveelution type has to a bug type.
    if this being the case it best be strong as i ususally find that most bug pokemon are faintable by flying and fire types- i mean that bug types are weak- lots of other types an defeat them!

  • ❤AdeleEevee❤

    Does the name have anything to do with the Silph Scope?

  • afflatusBound

    We can speculate all we want to about this, but all I know is that the Pokemon is obviously based of a fairy of some sort. This is a theme both present in the Japanese and English naming, as both Nymphs and syles are said to be fairy-like. That being said, it really can’t be a Dragon type or a Ghost type, but it might be Normal, or Flying. Or, it might be a new type entirely, but I don’t really think it’s “light”. A possibility, but there are so many Pokemon that could fit this, yet they haven’t. It would require a huge re-typing, hypothecally. That, and “Light” just doesn’t seem right to me. I’d think more “Divine” would sound a bit better, especially considering that the thing is based on divine beings. I just don’t know. I’m going to guess that it’s a flying type for everyone’s sanity (to those who give a darn) but I’m not making any absolute decisions until an actual type is revealed. I’ll have none of that “I-told-you-so” business in my life, coming from my peers or myself.

  • Leonardo Romão

    Am I the only one who consider the idea about this eeveelution get to be a stell type?

    If you pay attention to their names, they are all related to its type

    Flareon = Flare.
    Vaporeon = Vapor
    Leafeon = Leaf
    Glaceon = Glace
    Jolteon = jolt

    (I haven’t thought anything about Umbreon and Espeon, but there has to be something with their names too.)

    Sylveon = silver, which is close to the stell type!!! And as the fact that Sylveon doesn’t look like a Steel like, Lucario, for example, doesn’t look like he’s the steel type. But it still is!

    That’s my theory

  • Carth Onasi

    I think it’ll be a poison ntype because the eeveelutions all have the same colors on their bodies as the type indicator button thing whatever in the summary. Vaporeon’s skin is the same color as the water thingy, espeon the same color as psychic, etc. also sylvans are tree spirits.

  • bloodwrath24

    You can’t judge a Pokemon’s type based on how it looks. Just look at Sudowoodo!

  • Lauren

    i think its a new type….. because Xerneas looks abit like light………cuz o da rainbows….maybie Yveltal is sound……because one split second in the trailer he looks like a tuning fork…i dont want to rustle anyones jimmies, but thats what i think…..

  • Rob DeWolf

    They wouldn’t ask you to guess it’s type without having already revealed any new potential types in the game. Based on the fact the website asks you to guess, I would assume that it’s a pre-existing type.

    My bet is definitely on Normal. Steel-types tend to have sharper lines, and some form of sharp, hard looking appendage. Sylveon does not. Flying could be in there, but based on the fact that it’s wingless, I’d say chances of that are really low. I know Doduo’s evolutionary line doesn’t have wings, but it at least looks like a bird.

    I would like to HOPE that it’s a Bug type, with boosted stats in comparison to all of the others as Bug types STILL are no good in battle.

    Ghost? No way. Nothing about the design says that, except a few purple stripes.

    My bet is on Normal though, but with upped stats. That way Trainers can have the stronger version of Eevee, without having to rethink type advantage and disadvantage because their unevolved form is dying all the time. It looks like several Normal Pokemon, and has the same coloring:

    The pink and white of Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff. The purple of Ditto. The pink and purple of Porygon. The pink and blue of Snubbull. The list goes on.

    My bet is Normal. I don’t think it’s a new type, otherwise they wouldn’t be asking you to guess the type. Can’t guess a type that’s not out yet. And the design of it steers away from Steel and Ghost. While I hope it’s Bug, the coloring isn’t right (and not nearly as close as it is to Normal), I also don’t think it’s Flying as it’s wingless and has no bird features whatsoever.

    Normal – to keep the same typing, but giving it boosted stats. That has been a much desired request from players around the globe. That’s my vote.

  • Jodi Roe

    is soo cute n freaky at the same tiime!!

  • Mini Mishi

    I think It might be a fighting type x.x

  • RandomAnon

    psh, idiots,its gonna be normal type and it will evolve with a normal stone.

  • jasmin lahoub

    i thinka metal type

  • disqus_Dp7msXUDKf

    Sylvania is a light company. It’s a white pokemon. Light overpowers electricity.

  • disqus_Dp7msXUDKf

    Ghost fall more into evil angels are light and spirits so it’s a definite it is a light type.

  • Mackenzie Willhurst

    Personally, I think it’s either ground, fighting, or ghost type. Think about it… the chart does make a pretty obvious statement about how the evolution directly across from any given evolution is either strong or weak against the evolution directly across from the given evolution. But, then again… I always pictured a ground or rock type Eevee to be more… brown and cracked looking. So then there’s my theory of a fighting type (assuming what I just said is incorrect and the pic above is all coincidental) Sylveon truly reminds me of Mienshao meaning that those ribbons can actually be used in combat. Sounds convincing enough right? Well I also have my doubts about my own theory here because as it’s been stated; Eevee evolution’s have always given their type away by their name… I was seriously having a conversation with my friend a couple months ago about how much more obvious they could make Eevee evolution names. Now this brings me to my strongest and best supported theory because I honestly don’t think that in any way that Sylveon is going to be a flying type… I would at LEAST expect Pokemon/Nintendo to have given Sylveon feathers or something that mane it look like it could fly! Ghost honestly seems the most realistiic idea for me because 1) It’s the lightest Eevee evolution which would make sense if it turned into a ghost! 2) People keep saying that if it were ghost it would be purple… well, Espeon is already purple so I don’t think that they really wanted to repeat the same color on two different pokemon and besides that fact, there are only ***27 ghost type pokemon*** INCLUDING both the purely ghost types and the multi type ghost pokemon so it would make sense to say that it could be a ghost type. Sylveon reminds me a lot of Misdreavus and that is a purely ghost type pokemon who ISN’T purple! Sure, it evolves into Mismagius who is purple but the world isn’t perfect. Not too many ghost types LOOK dead! Sure, they look ominous… but not really dead except for a few. 3) People have a point about the name being an indicator, Alex Suppinger said that a Sylph is basically “an imaginary race of beings who dwell in the air” and I believe he is on to something IMAGINARY – something we DON’T believe in! Hmm… I don’t believe in ghosts but I do believe that things can fly as proven to me today multiple times by both birds and insects which all had wings FYI. 4) Ask yourself this simple question… Why not? It makes perfect sense to want to expand a group of 27 pokemon to a larger scale. The smallest group of pokemon (including both pure and multi type pokemon) is ghost type. The second smallest groups have 29 pokemon, I think that this is the direction that Pokemon/Nintendo is heading with this. I know it’s all about the flying type eevee but I’m honestly expecting some feathers on the ears when that day comes. I originally imagined the ghost type eevee to be more ghost-like but I think that between the eyes everybody seems to be noticing, the ribbons which, which they remind me or Mienshao, I am surprised to see that Drifblim has those ribbons too. The pink is just as much or a signature of ghost types as purple is and hey, I can see a little purple in those bunny ears if I’m not mistaken. I’m sorry to those of you who have your hope set on a flying type, but I just can not, for the life of me see a flying type eevee without some REAL indication that it can fly and the weight along with the name only scream ghost to me. Shoot, even the last part of the explanation of the name where it is related to Slyph “an imaginary race of beings who DWELL IN THE AIR” I don’t think it’s a coincidence that is what you typically think of when you think ghost. A flying type might be related to the sky but the air seems more like a grounded thing to me and I don’t suppose that key word dwell which in this case is synonymous with the word live would tip anybody off. I don’t suppose that there are too many purely flying types around and Eevee’s evolutions have always been a one type deal, no two types about it… The ONLY purely flying type pokemon currently, is the legendary tornadus. Everything else is a combo between flying and something else. Don’t believe me? Look it up on Bulbapedia, or you could always look at the national pokedex which is where I’ve gotten most of my information up until now. To be honest guys, a flying type evolution would be AMAZING but only ONE out of the EIGHTY-TWO flying/partially flying type pokemon, is a pure flying type. There was NEVER a pure flying type pokemon until generation 5, and it’s legendary… I have a feeling that though people keep thinking it’s the most likely, it’s actually the least.

  • Guest

    Sylveon is Steel. And the other one to be introduced (if there’s one) will be Fighting-type to counter-part it (like Espeon x Umbreon and Leafeon x Glaceon).
    Sylveon reminds silver. And for those who say it doesn’t seem to have metallic motiffs, nor does Lucario, or Gyarados with flying qualities, Jeliicent with ghost-like qualities, Jynx with psychic or ice.
    Having an item, like Steel Coat, that makes it evolve “naturally” to steel is more biologically plausible, Pokémon-wise, than it having something that evolves it to a Ghost-type or flying-type.

  • mike

    Sylveon is Steel. And the other one to be introduced (if there’s one) will be Fighting-type to counter-part it (like Espeon x Umbreon and Leafeon x Glaceon).
    Sylveon reminds silver. And for those who say it doesn’t seem to have metallic motiffs, nor does Lucario, or Gyarados with flying qualities, Jeliicent with ghost-like qualities, Jynx with psychic or ice.
    Having an item, like Steel Coat, that makes it evolve “naturally” to steel is more biologically plausible, Pokémon-wise, than it having something that evolves it to a Ghost-type or Flying-type.

  • João

    It’s Flying!
    It can be another thing!
    The bulbapedia image show Sylveon in the wind.
    Doduo and Gayrados don’t apear to fly, but they are flying type pokémons, I think Silveon is flying type. It can’t be ghost type because its color. Its flying or normal.

  • David Greenstone

    My favorite Eeveelution would be the extremely unlikely return of the ??? type.

  • Mario Girl

    OK, what I saw was that Gleceon was looking at Sylveon, and with what you were saying about how whatever has a Pokemon will look at the Pokemon it is more powerful over! Then what types are weak to ice? Dragon, water, and Grass! Well, water and Grass are out… so Dragon is left! I’ve seen a few dragons in my day, and let me tell you, THAT AIN’T NO DRAGON! I think it’ll be a new type! Love is a good guess! First it was shown on Feb. 14th! Then there’s all those stupid pink ribbons! And the move Attract and some other moves I can’t remember are bast off love right? Now, I, myself, hate Sylveon already because it looks like a prittyed-up Espeon with bigger ears! It looks nothing like an Eeveelution should!! And, if it is new type, then shouldn’t they take care of Steel, Rock (Coleon), Ground, Fighting (Puncheon), Flying (Couldeon), Ghost (Souleon), Poison (Toxiceon), Bug (Buzzeon?), and Dragon (Mucheon?) first? Did I draw this fan art for nothing? Then Normal type can be saved for the last Eeveelution (Eeveeon)! I think they should work on a Ghost (Souleon) and Fighting (Puncheon?) type next instead whatever that pink barf is!

  • Anonymus

    There actually is a sign of flying type in the design. the bows fluttering in the wind. also, in the game footage, the bows were always moving around in a cartoony-wind pattern.

  • Grant Heald

    its a rock type. reason being that there is a mineral called sylvite. Yes, i know it doesnt have any rock properties, but it doesnt have any flying either. and aerodactyle doesnt look like rock either. also in the names of all the other eeveelutions, the beginning of their names helps you predict what they are. Jolt of lightning, fire flare, water vapor, and LEAF. i feel like i have made my point

  • Matthew Barone

    There’s only 1 thing I don’t like about this. Prior to Generation IV, 8 types were attributed to Sp Attack and Sp Defense: Water, Electric, Fire, Psychic, Dark, Grass, Ice, and Dragon. All current Eeveelutions are one of these types, the only one not used is Dragon. This may be coincidence. Compared to your well supported logic, flying may be more likely. It is close to being a special type in my opinion too.

  • ryry

    Kinda hoping for poison but am thinking it’s a bug type. Though I appreciate the points the article makes, when I first saw the chart with the eeveelutions I had assumed they put them in order of when we first saw them from top to bottom. Also Sylv refers to forests and nymphs biologically are larval forms of insects. Just a thought.

    • Matthew Barone

      Also in support of this is the pupal form of some insects such as cicadas and mantises are called “nymphs”.

  • Netto

    Parthenos SYLVia is a species of NYMPHalid butterfly found in South and South-East Asia
    I may be wrong but I think I found the answer

  • Arch Apollo

    Bug Type. 2 butterfly looking ribbons and vivid colors.Eyes are insect eyes.

  • King Garcia

    We are speculating right? I speculate sound…. Cause if you think about it Jolteon is lightning, and if Jolteon were to be the stronger, between it and the new evolution… then lightning strikes before thunder…. and thunder is sound… So maybe its a sound type. I also think flying cause electric be effective on flying types.


    I dont think this this will be a flying type, something flying with no wing’s is just silly. Alot of signs have been poiting to the new type to be “Fairy” (i know stupid right -.-) If we think about this “Sylph” naming to be translated into “the winged fairy-like creatures” kind of a give away there, The reason being there has been alot of “Fairy” typs in the past to support this theory along with pokedex entries calling many Fairy-likes, heck one even named “Cle-FAIRY” if this proves true, the would mean a good handful will be re-typed along with rebuilt as in stats, attacks and the list goes on T_T….. this just just my 2 cents.

  • skere

    i could be a new type like a light type or some thing

  • Mochipants

    I want a ghost Eevee!! Come ooooonnnn, Phanteon!