Speculating On New Pokémon Sylveon’s Type

What did Valentine’s Day bring you this year? A truck load of chocolates? A garden of roses? A Greek God or Goddess? Those all sound good but they’re no Pokémon, are they? Yes, as you may all well know, a new Pokémon was officially revealed on the 14th of February, and brought with it a lot of rumour and speculation. But this isn’t about the unveiling of the new critter Sylveon.

No, I’m more interested in the speculation revolving around what Type – or possibly Types – this new ‘Mon could be.

A few ideas and guesses have been thrown on the debating table. The most plausible being Flying, Normal and Dragon. I mean Dragon would be awesome, but I doubt it is the case, due to it having no dragon-like qualities at all in its design. Normal, possibly, but why have an “Eeveelution” as a Normal type when Eevee is Normal to begin with? Kind of defeats the object, in my opinion. Flying seems to be the most reasonable idea, I believe, but then again it hasn’t got any wings or feathers to portray an animal that can fly. But to be fair, neither has Gyarados.

There is one point I have seen been made, and I have to say, it really is the only real solid indication we have. If you look at the image below, which is an official image from Nintendo, you will notice how each “Eeveelution” is directly facing another one. Now observe a little bit more and you should notice that each Pokemon opposite has a weakness to its “partner” e.g. Vaporeon being Water type is weak against Leafeon which is a Grass. Flareon being Fire is Super effective against Glaceon who is an Ice Type. And Umbreon against Espeon because… well, I think you get the picture by now.


Now, if this is a deliberate placement of the Pokemon then surely Jolteon and Sylveon are related in the same way, but who is the weaker character? Well, for the Electric to to be the weaker side that would mean Sylveon has to be a Rock or Ground Type, and from its design it’s highly doubtful that is the case, which leaves Jolteon as the stronger element. With this, the other side would have to be Water or Flying but Vaporeon already wears the crown of water, so that leaves only one possibility for the new Pokemon.

If this theory is definitely true, then Sylveon’s Type mystery is solved – It has to be a Flying ‘Mon. There is also another theory that supports this idea – The word “Sylph” in English, Italian and Spanish actually refers to an imaginary race of beings who dwell in the air. The French name for Sylveon is Nymphia, and that relates to the winged fairy-like creatures named Nymphs. One last piece of possible evidence is Sylveon’s actual weight being lower than all the other evolutions of Eevee. Although, that last one could just be coincidence.

So all evidence points to the sky with this debate but speculation will continue to flow until Nintendo officially confirm it as Flying. Personally, I think a Dragon would kick ass more than Flying but what would your dream Eeveelution Type be if it doesn’t already exist?