The Zelda Fan-Art of Tyler Edlin Has Link Commanding an Army

A number of Zelda games allude to epic battles, but we never actually see them, except perhaps in still artwork flashbacks to a period in history before the actual games. Video game fan-artist Tyler Edlin has imagined a battle in which Link leads the charge, with an army of Hylian Knights and other defenders of Hyrule at his back – you can see a preview above.

Do you think a future Zelda game could raise the stakes in the battle for Hyrule’s future, perhaps alluding to a full-scale war raging across the land as Link journeys forth to find the keys to saving the day? Or do you think that battle scenes like this will remain the realm of fan artwork?

Click below for the full piece, as well as another Zelda related work.



Check out more of Tyler’s artwork at his web page.

Source: Tyler Edlin via Game Informer

  • …………..

    That’s exactly what I imagine the next Zelda is gonna be. Well, the first one, the second just looks stupid.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chase.armstrong.92 Chase Armstrong

    This is how I want the Wii U game multiplayer to be. Have a multiplayer game along with the single player game. The multiplayer would be like a medieval/fantasy/hylian war, like chivalry. This would be amazing and the best zelda game in recent years.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.lefebvre.161 Aaron Lefebvre

      Disagree, but its an interesting opinion.

  • RestlessPoon

    I don’t like Link’s face. The concept is cool though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/CdotM Connor Marshall

    The paintings look awesome, but them Hyrule Guards did f*ck all throughout the whole game franchise. Link single handedly saved Hyrule in ever Zelda game, them guards were p*ssies!

    • RestlessPoon

      Hell, they even hinder you in ALTTP

  • Primus

    I don’t know exactly how a mute can lead an army….

    • IgosDuIkana

      He has never been mute dumb ass. I hope you are joking because if not you know nothing about the series. He doesn’t have dialogue because it is interpretable by the player. He obviously has the ability to speak. If you are joking I am sorry, but it pisses me off when people say stupid things about Zelda that are not true

      • Primus

        I was joking…. However, I never saw Link as a guy who would lead an army into battle. Look at his armor! It is meant for evasive fighting and to bear the weather, like a ranger. Not the type of Formative fighter.

        Also, even through his implied dialogue through the games, he’s never been a commanding figure.

  • Shadao

    Link looks out of a place in that army. I think the army needs to dress up in uniforms that resembles Link’s outfit, like in Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword, and have Link stand out by wearing some kind of mantle around his shoulder. It works in the Skyward Sword manga.