Three Big Reasons Destiny Should Come to the Wii U

If you didn’t catch Bungie’s reveal of Destiny, you’re missing out. This beautiful, massive online console adventure promises to be one of the biggest hits we’ve seen in a long time, but so far we’ve heard nothing about a possible Wii U version. We know we’ll see Destiny on Sony and Microsoft products in the future, but there are some pretty compelling reasons for the game to come to the Nintendo Wii U as well.

Bungie Loves Nintendo, and Nintendo Fans Will Love Destiny

My body is readyBungie’s official reveal of Destiny carried two clues that the development team has Nintendo fans among its ranks. At around the 1:10 mark of the video, a person is seen typing the phrase “My body is ready” in response to a text prompt from the game. If this phrase sounds familiar to you, it’s because Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime made the phrase famous (or infamous) when he said it at E3 2007, in regards to demoing Wii Fit, and again at E3 2012. Later, at around the 3:37 mark of the video, you can see what appears to be a Chain Chomp toy from Mario on the desk of a Bungie employee.

These two interesting finds have led some more imaginative Nintendo fans to believe that a Wii U version is already in the works. I wouldn’t take either of these two “Easter eggs” as any kind of indication or subtle hint from Bungie, but it does show that the developers are familiar with Nintendo culture, and they enjoy it. On the flipside, Nintendo fans have often likened Halo to the Metroid franchise, and Destiny shows similarities to the Nintendo sci-fi shooter as well. This big, open, fantastic universe being designed in Destiny is just the kind of stuff that Nintendo fans would eat up on the Wii U.

There’s always the argument that, if the Wii U is considerably behind the next generation in terms of processing power, it won’t be able to handle future, more advanced entries in the Destiny franchise, but that shouldn’t deter Bungie from reaching out to the Nintendo audience right now. I’m confident that the game will sell well enough on the Wii U to make it worth the port. If the game is as anywhere near as good as the hype surrounding it, consumers will follow it regardless of platform. Nintendo fans may buy the first Destiny on the Wii U, but if it really hooks them, they’ll be willing to buy whatever platform they have to in order to play its sequels, allowing Bungie to build up their consumer base even more.

Online Experience and Social Interaction

Miiverse SmartphoneDestiny is an interesting case in that, even though it’s not considered a true MMO and can be beaten entirely in single player, the game is always online. Online social interaction is going to play an incredibly large role in the game, making a good online experience absolutely imperative. One big feature that the Wii U has, but hasn’t been able to truly showcase yet, is the fast, efficient, and completely free Nintendo Network. The Wii U rivals even Xbox Live in this aspect, but at no charge, making it extremely convenient for a game like Destiny.

As we saw in the video and in the commentary afterwards, social interaction and out-of-game content are going to play large roles in Destiny. IGN described Destiny as a game that “pushes the boundaries” and “will find you wherever you are.” In the video reveal, we saw people receiving quests and various updates via a phone app as one example of this. The Nintendo Miiverse, a network specifically designed to bring together the key components of gaming and social networking, is ideal for this concept, and Nintendo is aiming to make smartphones a big part of the Miiverse experience going forward.

With Miiverse aiming to bring your PC, smartphone, and console all together in a gaming-driven social network, it’s exactly the kind of thing Destiny is talking about. Miiverse would provide the perfect way to keep players connected, both to the game and to each other.

GamePad Utilization

GamePadAs always, one has to take into account whether or not the Wii U GamePad, one of the system’s biggest selling points, can offer enhancements. In the case of Destiny, I believe the GamePad can easily offer some advantages without feeling forced.

Although Destiny is not technically considered an MMO, it has many similarities to games in the genre. With various statistics, armors, weapons, items, and quests to keep tabs on at all times, having a second screen is just convenient. Not only does it keep the clutter of the main screen and allow you to tab through your options without pausing our game, but it also offers fast and easy touch controls.

The GamePad could also be a great benefit to the social aspects of the game. Having a second screen could allow you to keep tabs on your friends (or even enemies), send and receive messages, and even video chat with other players, all without disrupting the TV screen or stopping gameplay. A second screen just fits perfectly with everything that MMO-esque games like Destiny have to offer.


The Bungie team clearly has an appreciation for Nintendo culture, and a top-notch game like Destiny would be certain to be a hit with Nintendo fans on the Wii U. The online and social interaction aspects of the game fit perfectly with Nintendo’s gameplay, as Nintendo Network and Miiverse lend themselves to all the same concepts as Destiny. Toss in the innovative GamePad, which is perfectly suited for MMO-style games, and you’ve got a recipe for success. Destiny and the Wii U are match made in heaven.

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