Two Brothers Afterlife

Two Brothers Prequel Comic Launches Today, Exclusive First Look Here

Indie developer AckkStudios is hard at work on their retro-themed action RPG Two Brothers, but while we patiently wait for the game’s arrival, they’ll be whetting our appetites with some pre-release hype.

As we previously reported, AckkStudios will be releasing a soundtrack teaser soon, letting us experience eight tracks from the game before it releases, but supported of the Two Brothers Kickstarter will also be receiving a Two Brothers prequel comic, detailing the events leading up to the game. AckkStudios has informed me that this comic will be made available to their supporters later today, but we’ve got a little sneak preview for you after the jump.

The Two Brothers prequel comic kicks off with a quick look into the mythos and legends of the world in which the game is set, telling the tale of a perfect society created by the efforts of a proud and honorable race. It seems all is not well with the world, and such a utopia is only the stuff of legends now.

Two Brothers Comic

Roy and Bivare Guarder, the two brothers for which the game is named, set out in search of the truth behind the demise of this ancient civilization, and their quest takes them to a mysterious territory known as “The Cursed Lands.” What mysteries do the Cursed Lands hold for the Guarder brothers?

I won’t spoil all the surprises, but if you supported Two Brothers, you won’t have to wait much longer to find out. I can say that the art style is fantastic, and the story has an air of mystery to it that will make you even more curious about what secrets Two Brothers holds.

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