PS4 Controller

Two Different Rumored Designs for the PlayStation 4 Controller Surface

Multiple sources have reported that the PlayStation 4 will feature a new controller design that utilizes some kind of touch pad. Today, two different designs from different sources emerged, each claiming to be the rumored controller.

The first one, seen above, closely resembles some of the mock-ups we’ve seen, while the second one appears significantly more experimental, and just a little bit bizarre. Which one of these two controllers, if either, is the real deal? Hit the jump and decide for yourself.

The first controller fits with the rumors we’ve heard, which state that the new controller will be similar to the DualShock design, but with a small pad that replaces the Start and Select buttons and offers touch controls. The second controller makes more drastic changes.

PS4 Controller 2

As you can see, this design features not one, but two touch pads. Instead of replacing the Start and Select buttons, which are still present, they replace the analog sticks. Dubbed “SplitShock,” this controller is said to incorporate PS Move and PS Vita technology into the PlayStation 4 controller. This design also features the rumored Share button. If all that wasn’t enough already, the new controller is also rumored to have 4GB of built-in memory allowing the controller to double as a memory unit.

Sony did say that they were looking to focus on new play options with the PlaySation 4, but I just can’t see them taking this big of a risk. The old saying of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” seems to apply here. Sony may be looking for ways to innovate, but such a drastic change could cost them big time if it doesn’t go over well with gamers.

Sources: Destructoid, VG Revolution

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  • Gabriel Gomez

    The top image’s grey box thingy looks like my grandma’s VCR machine, is that how the next PS will look like?

    • Erimgard

      That would just be a dev kit, if anything.

  • Skyfolk

    I love how the ninty fanboys are screaming “OMG THEY BE COPYING THE WII U” but seriously? This has most likely been in dev, in concepts and all that, since before the WiiU was public knowledge. They just probably decided to keep it quiet until now.

    • Clem

      And the OUYA fanboys are like “OMG THIS IS EXACTLY THE SAME CONTROLLER”! Lol I don’t even know if OUYA fanboys are a real thing. ;)

  • Clem

    I wonder what the idea is behind a touchpad on the controller? Without it being an actual screen I have difficulty imagining what new play possibilities it would present. I was a bit baffled when I saw a touchpad like that on the OUYA’s controller, too.

    Oh, and regarding the second design… touch-pads INSTEAD of thumb sticks?! That had better not be true; anyone who has played a game on a mobile platform which used on-screen “thumb sticks” knows what an awful experience that is…

  • TSterTheGreat

    No change, I’m Beggin!! I LOVE DUALSHOCK!