Weekend Wondering: What Will Convince You to Buy a Wii U?

Judging by Wii U’s sales performance, it’s pretty clear that Wii U hasn’t convinced too many people to make the leap to Nintendo’s next generation system. This naturally leads us to question why that’s the case. Is there just not enough confidence in the system’s software lineup? Do people want to see more first or third-party games in action before they decide? Are people holding out to see how Wii U stacks up against other next-gen platforms from Microsoft and Sony? We’d like to get to the bottom of the issue as best we can.

For this week’s (late) Weekend Wondering poll, we’ve prepared a few of the more obvious reasons, and we’re asking everybody – both Wii U owners and non-Wii U owners – to chime in on what they need to sell them on Nintendo’s latest platform.

What Will Convince You to Buy a Wii U?

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