Weekend Wondering: Which Should Come First for Vita, a Price Cut or More Games?

I tend to give PS Vita a rough time, but I really do think it’s an attractive machine with a lot of potential. It’s just… at present, the combination of its steep price and lack of must-have titles makes for a pretty unattractive value proposition. Hardware alone doesn’t sell a game platform. It needs to be more than just a machine.

So far Vita hasn’t sold all that well, and I’m curious to see what it’d take for that to change. I’ve advocated for a long time that it’s the games that will determine Vita’s fate, but I’m starting to think the games need to come alongside a price drop to really be effective.

What do you think would be most helpful right now? More games, or a price cut? Share your thoughts in this week’s Weekend Wondering poll?

What should come first for PS Vita: a price cut or more games?

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