Dear Square-Enix, Your HD Collections Should be Your Wii U Ports

So it looks like the big Wii U game Square-Enix decided to bring over is Deus Ex: Human Revolution – a reach for the hardcore crowd if I’ve ever seen one. I do remember there being a strong campaign for Deus Ex on Nintendo platforms back in the day, but let’s face it: Nintendo fans don’t buy those kinds of hardcore games.

You know what kinds of games Nintendo fans do buy, though? Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts – both of which incidentally have HD remasters on the way. Why isn’t Square-Enix working on giving Wii U fans the experiences that Nintendo fans have already proven they love?

Final Fantasy Shares Nintendo’s DNA

Square owes its existence today to Nintendo. Had Final Fantasy not performed the way that it did when it released on NES all those years ago, the company would never have survived the 80s. Of course, they repeated that performance again in 1997 with Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation, but it’s safe to say nonetheless that Square – and Final Fantasy in particular – once had a deep connection with Nintendo. Almost half of the mainline Final Fantasy games first saw life on Nintendo platforms.

ffx-hdIn recent years, however, most of the mainline Final Fantasy titles have been Sony-only, with the exception of the Final Fantasy XIII line, which has spanned both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Sure, a lot of this has to do with publishing agreements, but now that it’s clear that Sony-exclusivity isn’t a necessity, we still haven’t seen Square reach back out to Nintendo in the ways that matter – updating the Nintendo catalog with all the games those fans have missed out on over the years as they did for PlayStation. Instead they’ve just thrown a few bones in the form of spin-offs.

If Square-Enix wants to repair its relationship with Nintendo fans, it’d be better to start with the bread-and-butter stuff – Final Fantasy titles – not the stuff that Eidos dragged in. Why not kick off the Final Fantasy revival with the HD remake of Final Fantasy X?

Kingdom Hearts is Perfect for Nintendo’s Demographic

I never understood why Kingdom Hearts debuted on Sony platforms instead of on Nintendo. Okay, that’s actually untrue – PlayStation 2 vastly outselling GameCube is definitely the reason. But I never understood why Square-Enix limited the main console games to PS2 without at least releasing them on GameCube also – Nintendo is practically the Disney of video games, and its focus on the family-friendly market would have made Kingdom Hearts right at home on the platform.

KHBSS-mark-of-masterySince the first game, however, four Kingdom Hearts titles have seen release on Nintendo platforms: Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days, re:Coded, and Dream Drop Distance – that’s over half the series. Two of those are exclusives. Yet when Square-Enix announced Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, the perfect opportunity to introduce the main series to a wider audience on Wii U and unite Sony and Nintendo Kingdom Hearts fans for the future of the franchise, the series went right back to being a Sony exclusive… bringing much of the previously Nintendo-based story content with it.

The elephant in the room, of course, is that Kingdom Hearts hasn’t been a Sony exclusive franchise in years. Because Nintendo now has an HD platform, you’d think an HD remaster would be a no-brainer for Nintendo platforms. Guess not – Square’s passing on the chance to bring 1.5 HD Remix to Wii U, and giving us Deus Ex instead.

Nintendo Fans Will Treat You the Same Way You Treat Them

It’s as I said in my other article: if you don’t know how to treat Nintendo fans right, they’ll burn you in an instant. We’ve seen it with the Rayman Legends debacle. We’ve seen it with the massive flops of most of the late ports that made it to Wii U (while current ports managed to do pretty well by comparison). And we’ve even seen it when Nintendo fails to deliver on what fans really want from even the most prestigious titles like Zelda and Metroid.

The sad thing is, if third-parties just treated Nintendo fans the way they want to be treated instead of trying to shove the same titles they’ve rejected time and again down their throats, I think they’d find massive success. And, in the case of Wii U, Nintendo wants in on future Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts titles first and foremost.

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  • Blake Wigert

    Nintendo’s fans ARE NOT only little kids, give us the 3rd parties the competition gets, the ones we are often denied just because we own Nintendo’s consoles. Give us comparable competent ports not steaming piles of ****. It is high time this anti Nintendo BS comes to an end. Nintendo is not inferior or kiddie. NO SHOVELWARE, JUST GOOD 3RD PARTIES.

  • Erimgard

    I feel like Kingdom Hearts could definitely do well on the Wii U.

  • Twister27

    I have often wanted to play Kingdom Hearts games, but I don’t want to start halfway through the series. Bringing the HD collections to Wii U would be perfect, and I would buy them immediately.

  • Gilbert

    I disagree with you on Deus Ex being a game most Nintendo fans wouldn’t enjoy, especially considering that games like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark are two of the most fondly remembered from the N64 days. Instead, the problem I see is that they fail to realize that some Nintendo fans have multiple consoles and/or a gaming PC, and even more of them have friends who have one of these things. In other words: odds are that this is a game they’ve likely already played, much like all the other ports released for the system. And I’m sure they’ll be just as surprised when we don’t buy a game we’ve already played.
    However, I do agree that KH and FF HD remakes would be good products to release on the system. Even though the situation isn’t really much different from Deus Ex, the difference is those games are old enough that people may wish to replay them, especially with a shiny new gimmick like textures scaled to HD.

    • Gano

      Great post Gilbert. Speaking as a long time Nintendo fan, Dues Ex Human Revo was a pretty good game. Having played and finished it on another console, I will not be likely to get it unless they have completely overhauled the game as it had some flaws but also a lot of potential to make great use of the gamepad to fix those flaws. If you have not played it I do still recommend it, for whatever thats worth. It was not a system seller, so to be releasing it in the period of time when it is not yet a classic and a lot of Wii U owners may have already played it on one of their previous generation consoles is crazy. Having said that I never want to play FFX again as it was just a bad game. Kingdom Hearts never appealed to me as I don’t like the combination of art styles thrown into one. If they did HD versions of FFVII, VIII or IX I’m their, but don’t make everyone were black clothing if you do Square-Enix, it’s just makes the game world seem boring.

      I don’t want to offend anyone but I actually think that Western RPG’s have surpassed Japanese RPGs with the exception of Zelda in the last 5 years. Fallout 3, Mass Effect 1 and 2 were much better games to play than any J-RPG I played during that time other than Zelda.
      Xenoblade and Last Story had a lot of potential but not much else to speak of for me. J-RPGs need to really take a look at what the West has started doing with story telling in RPGs and get away from dialogue which just amounts to two characters saying each others names over and over again.
      That said Mass Effect 3 meant I may never buy another Bioware game because of a massive story telling blunder!! :) lol you win some you loose some I guess. Please bioware release a Mass Effect trilogy pack for Wii U with a fix to the ending controversy. People have invested 100s of hours playing your games and want a proper ending.

      • Gilbert

        Personally, in terms of RPGs, I find it’s the exact opposite. The Western style is stuck in D&D land, while JRPGs have a lot of variety in their gameplay. Really it just depends on personal preference. JRPGs haven’t “fallen” the way people think they have. I think the problem is that people still consider Final Fantasy to be the pinnacle of JRPGs, but that hasn’t been the case for years. I doubt my opinions on WRPGs are entirely correct as well. Preferring one style over the other is fine, but I don’t think it’s correct to say that one has a “problem” that needs to be fixed.

        Also, I really hate to mention it, but it’s a pet peeve of mine: Zelda games are not RPGs. They are Adventure games (or Action/Adventure if you prefer, but primarily Adventure). The *only* exception to this is Zelda 2, which has RPG elements such as leveling up stats (so… Adventure/RPG). Otherwise Zelda games do not share many similarities with RPGs beyond what most games have in common, thus they cannot be considered part of the RPG genre.

  • zdog

    Alex you are a voice for the people. I have to trust that they have teams of professionals that crunch all the numbers on this stuff…but seriously, just give us the KH HD ports.

    • Alex Plant

      Thing is- I’m not exactly complaining about getting Deus Ex. It’s more that I’m complaining that, of all the things they could have released, they chose Deus Ex and not something more current that would add more value to Wii U against other platforms (Kingdom Hearts collection would do that, since for many it might be their first chance to play the older ones).

      • zdog

        Totally on the same page, if you look at all the games getting remakes out there it just doesn’t seem that Deus Ex or a similar style game is the one Nintendo Fans are clamoring for. Still, they are doing a great job of making it a great port for Wii U owners that are interested.