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Fez Creator Bashes DS, 3DS for Two Screen “Gimmick,” Praises Vita

We recently learned that indie game Fez has been profitable enough on Xbox Live Arcade that it is now slated for release on other platforms that may include PS Vita, but there has been no indication of the game coming to any Nintendo platforms. If Nintendo fans were hoping for an announcement soon, they can stop holding their breath.

Fez creator Phillipe Poisson (better known as Phil Fish) has been going on quite the tirade on his twitter account today, expressing (in occasionally colorful language) his extreme dislike of the DS and 3DS families of Nintendo handhelds.

Over the course of about an hour and numerous tweets, Phil Fish has made it pretty clear what he thinks of Nintendo’s current consoles, and he’s not happy. Bashing everything from the two screen concept to stereoscopic 3D to the Circle Pad Pro, Fish isn’t holding back. Here’s a collection of several of his consecutive tweets on the subject:

started playing my first monster hunter game last night. on 3DS. it’s not exactly playable without that circle pad pro atrocity… i don’t understand. why would you even release a game like that on a platform like that? why is it not out on let’s say… vita? you know, the one where you could control the camera. it’s too bad because MH looks like it’s basically phantasy star online but not in space. and i love me some PSO. the whole entire thing was a mistake if you ask me.

also, im so sick of this dual-screen clamshell bullshit. a 2nd screen adds NOTHING. it’s a gimmick. 3D is a gimmick. it’s too bad the vita isnt a bigger hit because hardware wise it’s PERFECT. it has ONE AWESOME SCREEN, and TWO JOYSTICKS. there’s never been a single DS or 3DS that didnt make me go “i wish this was on a single screen”. and i’ve never played any game ever anywhere where i was like “i wish this had a 2nd screen”. and absolutely f@$#ing NOBODY ever went “i wish this had 2nd screen that is smaller and a different aspect ration and touch but not 3D” the gameboy micro was the best handheld ever. i wish nintendo would just make a slightly bigger more powerful GBAM-type thing.

Given that the Wii U utilizes a second screen too, it’s safe to assume that Mr. Fish will have no interest in developing for any Nintendo platforms anytime soon. While it may be true that Nintendo consoles have chosen to utilize “gimmicky” control schemes, there’s absolutely no denying the phenomenal success of the DS and 3DS families of handhelds.

The DS is the highest-selling system of all time at over 150 million units, and the 3DS has sold 30 million in its first two years. Fish may not see any point whatsoever in having a second screen, but the sales figures suggest that a lot of gamers do.

Source: Phil Fish via GoNintendo