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Fez Creator Bashes DS, 3DS for Two Screen “Gimmick,” Praises Vita

We recently learned that indie game Fez has been profitable enough on Xbox Live Arcade that it is now slated for release on other platforms that may include PS Vita, but there has been no indication of the game coming to any Nintendo platforms. If Nintendo fans were hoping for an announcement soon, they can stop holding their breath.

Fez creator Phillipe Poisson (better known as Phil Fish) has been going on quite the tirade on his twitter account today, expressing (in occasionally colorful language) his extreme dislike of the DS and 3DS families of Nintendo handhelds.

Over the course of about an hour and numerous tweets, Phil Fish has made it pretty clear what he thinks of Nintendo’s current consoles, and he’s not happy. Bashing everything from the two screen concept to stereoscopic 3D to the Circle Pad Pro, Fish isn’t holding back. Here’s a collection of several of his consecutive tweets on the subject:

started playing my first monster hunter game last night. on 3DS. it’s not exactly playable without that circle pad pro atrocity… i don’t understand. why would you even release a game like that on a platform like that? why is it not out on let’s say… vita? you know, the one where you could control the camera. it’s too bad because MH looks like it’s basically phantasy star online but not in space. and i love me some PSO. the whole entire thing was a mistake if you ask me.

also, im so sick of this dual-screen clamshell bullshit. a 2nd screen adds NOTHING. it’s a gimmick. 3D is a gimmick. it’s too bad the vita isnt a bigger hit because hardware wise it’s PERFECT. it has ONE AWESOME SCREEN, and TWO JOYSTICKS. there’s never been a single DS or 3DS that didnt make me go “i wish this was on a single screen”. and i’ve never played any game ever anywhere where i was like “i wish this had a 2nd screen”. and absolutely f@$#ing NOBODY ever went “i wish this had 2nd screen that is smaller and a different aspect ration and touch but not 3D” the gameboy micro was the best handheld ever. i wish nintendo would just make a slightly bigger more powerful GBAM-type thing.

Given that the Wii U utilizes a second screen too, it’s safe to assume that Mr. Fish will have no interest in developing for any Nintendo platforms anytime soon. While it may be true that Nintendo consoles have chosen to utilize “gimmicky” control schemes, there’s absolutely no denying the phenomenal success of the DS and 3DS families of handhelds.

The DS is the highest-selling system of all time at over 150 million units, and the 3DS has sold 30 million in its first two years. Fish may not see any point whatsoever in having a second screen, but the sales figures suggest that a lot of gamers do.

Source: Phil Fish via GoNintendo

  • Isaac Ness

    as much as i love nintendo, i have to agree with this guy, whoever he is.
    i want a 3ds but only for the games, i also wish that the portable system concept remained as simple as it could (single screen, few buttons, no touch interface), i still don’t know if i’m going to buy a 3ds, sadly i don’t like sony u.u

    • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.lefebvre.161 Aaron Lefebvre

      The 3D adds more depth, immersion, and artmosphere to the game, and having to screens make the interface much easier, and faster to use.( If you don’t like, you do not have to use it.) Play Ocarina of Time 3D, and you will see how useful dual screens are.

  • Primus

    Although he expresses that he hates dual screens, he never says why. It is quite clear that this person prefers the Vita because of hardware and he is just is bashing on the dual screens to discredit the superior gameplay tradeoff that DS and 3DS games get in exchange for graphics.

    • Ibi Salmon

      He did say that “it adds NOTHING.” I think that counts as a reason.

      Not that I agree with that reason, but it is a reason nevertheless.

      • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.lefebvre.161 Aaron Lefebvre

        Its a very ignorant claim because it adds depth to the game, and makes the atmosphere, and immersion better. Its such a pathetic claim.

        • Ibi Salmon

          Indeed. It’s a terrible reason to dismiss the 3DS or the DS.

          But it IS a reason. There’s no denying that much.

      • Primus

        it adds “nothing” isn’t a reason for him to dislike it, because he doesn’t explain why the second screen detracts from his gameplay experience.

        Phil Fish’s argument is more of a “I’d rather have amazing graphical hardware on a Nintendo system rather than dual screens” (a completely reasonable viewpoint btw), but he resorts to a groundless “dual screens suck” argument alongside colorful language to make his opinion feel more justified.

        • Ibi Salmon

          Well, he did say that most games on the 3DS would be better off if they had only one screen. That backs up his claim that “it adds NOTHING.”

          Also, why is the “colorful language” a big deal? People talk in many ways. And it doesn’t detract from his opinion. He thinks that the 3DS and the DS are not good handhelds. There’s nothing wrong with that. He also says that the Vita is a great handheld. There’s nothing wrong with that either. He even says that he would rather have one screen with two analog sticks than two screens with one analog nub. What’s wrong with having a preference?

          People need to understand that everything is subjective. A piece of work in someone’s eyes can be a piece of garbage in another’s.

          • Primus

            He did say he wished the 3DS games were all single screen, but I think he was lying. From what it looks like, he simply wishes that the best Handheld in the market was the Vita, which also is a completely reasonable viewpoint.

            However with the “colorful language” what i am trying to say is that Phil clearly prefers the Vita’s hardware compared to the 3DS, which is a completely reasonable opinion both you and I agree. However, the issue here is that Phil is such a raging butthurt over this that he has to deflect his anger towards the Dual Screens. Phil’s opinion is an legitimate opinion, however he fails at articulating his opinion and resorts to bashing “gimmicks” of the dual screen and the 3D without reason.

            In shorter terms:
            What he should be saying: “The Vita is better than the 3DS because of a,b,c and I wish Nintendo’s handheld more was like the Vita”

            What he ends up saying: “The 3DS and everything about the 3DS sucks. The Dual Screens and the 3D is a gimmick and adds nothing”

            • Ibi Salmon

              So basically, what your saying is that people have a problem with the way he stated his opinion, not the opinion itself. I suppose that’s fair. He defiantly could have stated his opinion better.

      • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

        That’s not a reason for him disliking it, that’s a reason for him not liking it more because of the second screen. He never said why it takes away something, which he implies in his article.

        • Ibi Salmon

          True. He doesn’t elaborate on this reason. But it is a reason. His opinion is that the second screen is just here without purpose. I think that much is clear.

  • http://www.youtube.com/zakabajak94 Zakabajak

    Yeah…after watching Indie Game: The Movie, this guy has lost all credibility for me. That, and his “game” Fez is little more than eye candy. Apart from that, I completely disagree, and I have on numerous occasions said “I wish this game had a second screen.” It honestly makes user interfaces so much easier to manage, allows for resources to be managed in real time, and they don’t clutter up the main view of the game. The only thing I can agree with him on is that the circle pad pro is atrocious and that they should have found a way to incorporate a second circle pad into the system.

  • Bartholomew

    And that “gimmick” manages to outsell the Vita.

    • http://www.facebook.com/brendanbeckman Brandon Beckman

      Something that’s running $70-$100 cheaper than your competition, better sell better if it actually has a name, otherwise you have some serious issues.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.crowley.75 Peter Crowley

    Phil Fish sounds like an ignorant dumbass to me! Bashing the 3DS for it’s lack of a second stick? and the use of 2 screens, and no-glasses 3D! it’s revolutionary! At least it isnt regurgitating the same controller scheme and saying “It’s perfect, you have to adapt”! Nintendo makes controllers that optimize functionality, and Monster hunter on 3DS is perfect!

    Anyone STUPID enough to put a game on a Sony console or handheld is wasting time, effort, data, and storage space both physical and digital, on sony’s garbage! People need to wise up and stick to Nintendo!

    Had it not been for Nintendo, we would have seen video games go extinct in the gaming crash in the 1980s! It’s gonna be the same way again at this rate! Sony and Microsoft are butchering video games with poorly built machines and poor business tactics!

    I will ALWAYS remain loyal to Nintendo which is like family!

    Sony doesnt even have a right walking into the console or handheld arena!

    • RawKnee98

      Give Sony some credit
      The PS1 and PS2 were awesome
      The PS3 is okay, but the past 2 consoles were magnificent
      As with you, I will always remain loyal to Nintendo

      • Ghoti

        I feel the opposite. The PS1 and PS2 were not as strong as their competition, while the PS3 blew away it’s competitors.

        Really, I love my PS2, but the Gamecube was just plain better. Both consoles has great exclusives, from Shadow of the Colossus to The Wind Waker, but the GCN ran smoother and looked better generally.

        • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.lefebvre.161 Aaron Lefebvre

          PS3 managed to barely get in second place right at the ned of this gen, what are you talking about? Its 30 million units behind the Wii, and barely ahead of the 360..

          • http://www.facebook.com/brendanbeckman Brandon Beckman

            I don’t know about you, but my Wii is gathering dust. A lot of people have a Wii that is gathering dust, and it’s not because they all flocked to the Wii U either. I have a few good games for that system, but the greatest thing I ever did with it was install the Homebrew Channel and rock some classic emulated games.

            • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

              Err…. that may be the case for you, but considering it outnumbered the PS3 and the 360 by a vast margin, I don’t really think the sales’ statistics are on your side…

          • Ghoti

            I was talking about how good the consoles were, not how much they sold.

        • http://www.gengame.net/ Alex Plant

          Historical revisionism at its finest. Outside of the basically completely uncontested NES, PSone and PS2 were the most definitive success stories in gaming for any console. PS3 on the other hand has been fighting an uphill battle all generation and is only pulling ahead now because Nintendo was basically out of the market for a year.

      • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

        You’ve got to admit. Sony is copying Nintendo.

        First the PS Vita, and I’ll admit this is probably the most outrageous claim, but think about it: the first touch-screen portable gaming device was the DS. Then came the Vita.

        Next, the PlayStation Move. It’s SUCH a copy of the Wii. Sure, it adds a camera, but really? A stick-shaped controller with motion controls and a wrist strap. Really.

        And most recently, which I think is the freaking BIGGEST rip-off in the world, the PS4. It has a touch pad on the controller of a home console. Honestly, they NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER would have come up with that if Nintendo hadn’t done something just like it first.

        They have no originality whatsoever.

  • AMGZant

    Well, put MH3U on 3DS was Capcom’s decision, not Nintendo’s. The real version is on Wii U. This is about sales. Even if Capcom release the greatest MH game on Vita it wold not work because of the crappy sales of the handheld. He’s not aware of that because he does not have hundreds of people working for him.

  • CB

    Play OoT on the N64, and then play it on the 3DS. A perfect example that two screens does add something.

  • awsomeMrlink

    Gimmicks? Better then reusing the same ideas all the time or stealing them! 3D is a gimmick? So you want us to go back to 2D games, is that what you’re saying? Or are you saying an optional ability that adds depth is useless and sucks. Who really wishes for something to be on one screen? Inventory on one, action on the other. Who really wants to pause to get out their item multiple of repetitive times? You praise the Vita? THE VITA?!?! Really dude, really. I have to post a comment every time someone hates on Nintendo xD

  • http://www.facebook.com/brendanbeckman Brandon Beckman

    Unlike most people who have commented here, I actually own a Vita. It’s a great system, but it DOES have flaws. I, for one – hate the rear touchpad. It’s a gimmick, okay? It really doesn’t add anything to any given game, and it often times is more in the way than anything.

    I’ll be buying the 3DS sooner or later most likely, but the reason I don’t own one now is I dislike the 3D screen and the resolution on the 3DS is crappier than the Vita [Why they didn't go 720p, I'll never know]. The 3DS really isn’t bringing much to the table hardware-wise and is only a small-step above the original DS. I certainly wouldn’t have bought it at launch for $249 (where the Vita is now).

    • http://nerdreviewstechnology.blogspot.com/ Nicholas Alexander Jabbour

      “Only a small step” above the DS? Have you SEEN some of the games on 3DS? OoT 3D, Nano Assault, and Resident Evil: Revelations all come to mind, graphicwise. And a fast-paced Smash-bros-like shooter like Kid Icarus: Uprising just flat-out wouldn’t be possible on the DS with any comparable speed or framerate. It’s nothing compared to the Vita, that’s for sure, but it definitely is decently more powerful than the DS.

    • TehLeetHaxor

      “Only a small step” above the DS? Have you actually done any comparison between the hardware of the original DS and 3DS? Even when compared to the DSi, the 3DS has 8 times more RAM, a higher resolution screen, dual-core CPU clocked at 8 times higher frequency vs single core CPU, a more capable GPU, etc. Keep in mind that the DSi is a further small step up from the original DS in terms of hardware. There’s no comparison between the original DS and the 3DS.

  • Lord Shadowhand

    capcom didn’t develop for sony because sony has fucked them over so many times with monster hunter, not spending a dime on marketing. nintendo puts out ads for it. sony didn’t have to put out ads in japan due to it’s popularity there, so they didn’t anywhere else. that’s why it was a commercial flop until nintendo started carrying it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/brendanbeckman Brandon Beckman

      It was such a commercial flop that it pushed PSP sales around the world, right?

      • Lord Shadowhand

        it, for the most part, flopped outside of a very core group when outside of japan. when have you seen any ads for a monster hunter game aside from tri/3U?

  • Alejandro Valentino

    this guy “Phil Fish” hates himself .

    • http://justmagicthings.tumblr.com/ Skyfolk

      On the contrary, he loves himself, loves himself way too much.

      • jcl

        narcissistic, arrogant behavior is usually the sign of some insecurity…

        • http://justmagicthings.tumblr.com/ Skyfolk

          “I-it’s not like a c-care if you like Fez…” – Tsundere Phil Fish

          • jcl

            Ahh but he does.

            • http://justmagicthings.tumblr.com/ Skyfolk

              You explained the joke, man. Never explain the joke.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Danielpigsqueals Daniel Ramirez

    Fuck the 3ds, im about to trade mine for some Yu-Gi-Oh cards

    • Dáibhí wotshissurname

      I know I’m replying to a year-old posts but: would you really trade in a 3DS for individual cards that have their prices severely bloated onthe market?

      • Daniel Ramirez

        Oh absolutely, I have personally been more into playing Yu-Gi-Oh! than video games lately so it’s definitely something that would bring me much satisfaction

  • http://www.facebook.com/syd.self Syd Self

    Name a Monster Hunter game with camera control. And I believe the series started on the PS2, if I’m right, and the second stick was an attack option.

  • TehLeetHaxor

    PS Vita is overpriced and requires additional purchase of proprietary memory cards. It also has a tiny game library. Autostereoscopic 3D technology is more innovative than anything the PS Vita brought to the gaming industry. This guy’s argument is invalid. There’s a reason the 3DS outsold the PS Vita.

    • http://justmagicthings.tumblr.com/ Skyfolk

      The Vita, technologically, is very advanced, though not revolutionary. If it had more and better games I’m sure it would sell quite well. It also had crappy marketing. Sony has been going downhill ever since they released the PS3.

      • TehLeetHaxor

        What “advanced” technology does the PS Vita have which sets it apart from everything else? High resolution screen? Powerful CPU and GPU? The PC gaming community has had those things for years. Advanced hardware alone does not make a good gaming device. If only hardware mattered, my quad-core overclocked gaming PC is by far better than any console or handheld currently on the market.

        • http://justmagicthings.tumblr.com/ Skyfolk

          But the Vita is a handheld, you can carry it in your two hands comfortably, you cannot compare a handheld to a PC, that’s just asinine. And did I say hardware was the only thing that mattered? No. Let me quote myself: “The Vita, technologically, is very advanced, though not revolutionary. If it had more and better games I’m sure it would sell quite well.”

          Please explain to me when I ever said that it was the best handheld, please explain to me where I said hardware was all that mattered. You literally put words in my mouth to support your PC fanboyism, so stop it. And by the way I am also a PC gamer, but I’m not arrogant about it like you seem to be. Good day sir.

          • TehLeetHaxor

            So you’re saying it’s advanced in terms of handhelds? Ever heard of the Razor Edge Pro? A Win8 gaming TABLET with Core i7, GT 640M 2GB, and 8GB RAM. It comes with attachments that can turn it into a handheld (with analog sticks and buttons), into a laptop (with keyboard and house), or into a home console (with dock, HDMI to TV, and USB controllers). Ever heard of the Nvidia Shield? A HANDHELD running android which can, much like the PS Vita with PS3, stream games from a PC. It’s powered by a Tegra 4 SoC and since it’s running android, has additional functions such as emulation. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that the examples I’ve just named are more “advanced” than the PS Vita. If you’re going to keep saying that the PS Vita is so advanced, at least give some example of why it’s so advanced.

            • http://justmagicthings.tumblr.com/ Skyfolk

              Yes I have heard of them but I have no more investment in pursuing this argument because you’ve already lost all my respect with your blatant fanboyism and putting words in my mouth.

              • TehLeetHaxor

                You still haven’t given a single reason or example why the PS Vita is so “advanced”.

  • Nevan Lowe

    While it is true before the DS I never said “man I wish I had 2 screens” That’s because I hadn’t thought of an idea that awesome!

  • Flaming Lemons

    Do I smell butthurt!?
    And clearly he’s an idiot because the touch screen on the 3DS can’t be 3D because, IT’S A TOUCH SCREEN, making it 3D would ruin the 3D effect every time you touch it with the stylus.

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  • somone less retarded than fish

    lets see
    >he hates PC players
    >he hates japanese games
    >he hated 3DS

    this guy can go die in a dark alley for all i care, such an asshole. I won’t buy his game even when its 2$ on steam

  • Ryan

    Viewing maps in Wind Waker is terrible compared to the ease it is in Wind Waker HD. When the 2nd screen is used correctly, it is amazing. This guy has effectively cut his fan base and may loose money over this.