GameStop Is Confident PS4 Will Be Used Game Friendly

During a post-earnings financial call, GameStop CEO Paul Raines explained that after meeting with various Sony executives, he has a “high degree of confidence” that the PlayStation 4 will play used games. Back in February at the PS4 announcement, Sony revealed that the new platform will be capable of playing secondhand titles, but the decision to block or permit used games will be left to individual publishers.

I certainly hope Raines’ confidence holds true. Used games has certainly allowed me to broaden my game library, and I’m sure many possible PlayStation 4 owners will be watching for more announcements about the used game situation closely.
Source: GameSpot

  • Rogue Gamer

    mmmh.. You don’t say?
    i think we already knew didn’t we?

    • Joe Onley Jr

      I was thinking the same thing until I actually read the article. It says Sony says they will not block used games but publishers have the option to block used games. READ then comment.

      • Rogue Gamer

        Oh! way I did read it Mon-ami. why such hast on text-slaming? I knew Sony themselves had the belief on respecting everyone’s option on using used games and that it was developers who had the ache on used games about them stripping them from profit. jeez what has happened to online interaction if it’s not all “You’re erred!”

        • Joe Onley Jr

          No I agreed before saying anything otherwise. I was about to pop in and say “this is common knowledge” until I actually read the article which I thought you did the same. Was only trying to be helpful by saying to read before jumping to conclusions.

  • Bill Ginzburg Bronson

    well this isn’t really a reliable source, wouldn’t he just say that. imagine if he told them yeah sony is not going to support used games….

    there stock price would take a massive hit

    • Rogue Gamer

      True true, like pointing fingers at others, just think about how many developers develope for SOny, it’s up to the developers and not Sony lol then they can dictate in a third person ruling and just go all like “block it! Problem?” lol

  • Erimgard

    Now the pressure’s really on Xbox to find some way to make it work.